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Symposium 1 – Above and below the Moon: Islamicate science across the Mediterranean

Symposium 2 – Comparison and Connection in the Astral Sciences across Eurasia

Symposium 3 – (This Symposium has been canceled)

Symposium 4 – Euclid’s Elements from the West to the East

Symposium 5 – International Contacts of Soviet Science

Symposium 6 – Agricultural Diffusion Around the World

Symposium 7 – International journals with a wide coverage

Symposium 8 – The Migration of Scientists for Political or Economic Reasons

Symposium 9 – Retrospect and prospect: History of Science and Technology in China

Symposium 10 – Science in Different Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Cultures and Context

Symposium 11 – Studies on the History of Metrology Development in China and the West

Symposium 12 – The Material Culture of Nuclear Diplomacy

Symposium 13 – The Mathematical Astronomies’ Exchange and Cooperation between Medieval Islam and China on the Silk Road

Symposium 14 – Theories and practices of measurement in ancient sciences

Symposium 15 – Tradition and Innovation in Mathematics in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages

Symposium 16 – University science in Russia in XIX – XXI centuries: the regional dimension

Symposium 17 – Usages et contre-usages culturels et mathématiques de l’infini

Symposium 18 – The continuity and disruption of medicine

Stand-Alone Papers