First Announcement

1st Conference of the International Academy of the History of Science
Athens, Greece, 12-15 September 2019

Science in Different Cultures and Civilizations
Towards a transcultural history of knowledge

The International Academy of the History of Science was founded in 1928 with the aim to prepare the first International Congress of History of Science in 1929 in Paris. At this Congress, its statutes were adopted defining it as an academic society gathering the most prominent specialists of the field and aiming at organizing and promoting history of science worldwide. Subsequently, the Academy has organized all international congresses of history of science until the fifth, held in 1947 in Lausanne, where, in a post-war context, the International Union of the History of Science was founded as an association of national committees which took over the task to organize the international congresses.

In order to revive the tradition of connecting specialists in a spirit of conviviality, the Academy launches a new series of international conferences to be held every four years, beginning from September 2019. We call all our members, as well as every historian of science, and particularly young scholars, to participate in this conference by presenting a paper and/or organizing a symposium. All relevant information and the calendar are published on the website of the first Conference of the AIHS-IAHS.


Efthymios Nicolaidis
IAHS permanent secretary

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