Symposium 18

The Continuity and Disruption of Medicine

Michael Sy Liu | Taiwan
Simeng Wang | France


Chair: Gao Xi

Friday, September 13, 2019

Evening Session | 18:00-20:00
Venue: NHRF Seminar Room

Ren Yi | Dr. Lieou Yong-choen, “the Father of BCG in China”: Circulating and (re)producing of Medical Knowledge in the Modern French Empire

Gao Xi | New science? Or old skill? When the western scientist encounters to the Chinese medicine

Shuijan Zhang | Technological and Political Function of Acupuncture in the National Discourse System of China: Taking People’s Daily as the Center (1946-1986)

Yuan Yuan | Essentialness and Practicalness: How to Recognize Body for East-west-dissolveness Schools of Chinese medicine Physicians in Modern Times

About the Symposium

The panel aims to explore the transformation of modern medicine in China and the process of modernization on Chinese medicine including institutional and scientific transformation. The topics cover from Chinese medicine in western societies to westernization of traditional Chinese medicine in China. The debate to modernize Chinese has been argued for nearly a century while the debate turning from socio-political angles to cultural and scientific discourses. Addition to the transformation of the social role of medicine, Chinese and western bioscientific medicine are all being parts of modern lifestyle and popular knowledge to societies in China and West. The adaption of Chinese medicine in western societies and bioscientific medicine in Chinese society both illustrated a fusing process of culture and multiple understanding of the ideology of modern science. A theme like will contribute not only the deep understanding of exchanging medical paradigms but also a way of cultural re-configuration. The panelists are teamed up with two long-term research groups on traditional Chinese medicine and modern western medicine. With the preliminary results for years studies in hands, all six panelists will present their findings to the conference participants searching comments and comparison with societies beyond China and France. The panelists will prove case studies and theories on specific issues on the main theme of this panel. The interaction between panelists inspires a broad discussion of the formation of contemporary medicine.