Symposium 11

Studies on the History of Metrology Development in China and the West

Guan Zeng-jian | Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China
Konrad Herrmann | Professor, Laborleiter im Ruhestand der Physikalisch-Technischen Bundesanstalt (PTB), Berlin, Germany


Chairs: Guan Zeng-jian & Konrad Hermann

Friday, September 13, 2019

Morning Session | 09:00-11:00
Venue: Marasleio Room 2

Konrad Herrmann and Guan Zeng-jian | Technological characteristics in the comparison of the metrological development in China and the West

Jie Ren and He Zhaoquan | A Preliminary Research on the Relation between Agriculture and Time Metrology in Traditional Society of China

Weihua Ma | The Transformation of Manchu’s Metrology During the Early Qing Dynasty

Noon Session | 11:30-13:30
Venue: Marasleio Room 2

Yuyu Dong | A Study on Li Xu’s(李煦)Criminal Case about the Serious Tax Deficit in Sliver and Grain in the Qing Dynasty

Rina Sa | The Study on the Transmission of Traditional Chinese Metrological Knowledge Spread to Japan

Guan Zeng-jian | On the Historical Development of Chinese Metrology

About the Symposium

Metrology is the basis of the development of science and plays an important role to maintain the progress of civilization. It is also the foundation for a country to develop its economy and trade. In the process of their development, different civilization accumulated different theories of metrology, which exerted different influence upon the development of their society. Accordingly, we are sure that the history of metrology is an important branch in the fields of history of science and technology. At the symposia, we would like to provide a good forum for scholars to exchange their research results of the history of metrology. Since metrology played an important role in the progress of society and science, and there are a few people who study the history of metrology, it is necessary to provide an occasion for scholars in the field to exchange their ideas.
Metrology has a wide meaning in our session. It includes historical research matters, such as metrological standard, length standard, volume, and weight measurement, astronomical measurement, angle metrology, agriculture and time metrology, land surveying technology, the relationship between science and metrology, and the international activities relating metrology, etc. We also encourage researchers to speak about social context relating measurement and man.