The preliminary programme will be online after the end of the early registration period.

List of accepted symposia:

1 Islamicate science across the Mediterranean

2 Comparison and Connection in the Astral Sciences across Eurasia

3 Connected, Shared, and Entangled: Rethinking Foundational Assumptions

4 Euclid’s Elements from the West to the East

5 International Contacts of Soviet Science

6 Agricultural Diffusion Around the World

7 International journals with a wide coverage

8 The Migration of Scientists for Political or Economic Reasons

9 Retrospect and prospect: History of Science and Technology in China

10 Science in Different Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Cultures and Contexts

11 Studies on the History of Metrology Development in China and the West

12 The Material Culture of Nuclear Diplomacy

13 The Mathematical Astronomies’ Exchange and Cooperation between Medieval Islam and China on the Silk Road

14 Theories and practices of measurement in ancient sciences

15 Tradition and Innovation in Mathematics in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages

16 University science in Russia in XIX – XXI centuries: the regional dimension

17 Usages et contre-usages culturels et mathématiques de l’infini

18 The continuity and disruption of medicine