Oops I should have been clued in earlier. I was also wondering is it grafted or not; mine was not looking grafted: perhaps grafted area was hidden under the soil. A mature tricolor beech outshines any display of roses in my opinion. Can I plan a Tri color beech 10 feet from my house? It is only about 3 foot tall, but the tree only leafed out at the bottom half and the top half still only has brown buds on it and it is June 2018? Last year I had huge 10″ branch at bottom which started growth in mid-Summer. Moreover, the root zone extends well beyond the edges of the branches. As I read your blog and other information on the web, I see terms like burned/scorched/fried, but without real concern about the overall health of the tree. They will get leaf scorch in late Summer, but will probably survive. Nashville and the area around it is a zone 7. I live in Canada in zone 4a -4bbut this tree is exposed to the prevailing west winds. I fell in love with the form of the trunk /branches of this new one. By then you might decide to leave it where it is. This species prefers well-drained, moist, and slightly acidic soil, though it is quite tolerant of a wide range of soils. It depends how much water you have coming on. Just remember it is a slow grower do dont take too much off. We just got a tri-colored beech and the nursery is coming to install it so I thought I would look into how to maintain it. I just bought one and have a couple of questions abou the growth habit. I live in so.west Michigan and even with the rain we are not over average on amounts. I think you might be as little late moving it now, early April would be safer. This is the first time I’ve ever seen the leaves turn orange/brown and start dropping this early. The reason I am on here is because I didn’t know it could have nuts (since we never had any before) and wanted to find out! Don’t freak out as the tree has gotten most of the sugar from the leaves it will get for the year already. If you are not in Ohio or nearby states I would still recommend them but I would plant a smaller less expensive tree as Tri-color beech can be a rather pricy and it may not have a long life. An American Beech would be fine, but Tri-Color beech are European beech that are not known to be resistant to juglone (and probably are not). Before 10:30 and after 4:00 it is shady and cool – we’re fortunate to have a garden ringed by large trees. Temperatures get over 100 for several days during those months. One of the biggest killers of urban trees is soil compaction. Just like purple leaf Japanese maples, that are greener then purple if grown in the shade. Tri-Colored Beech Trees for Sale Online. These trees do prefer afternoon shade in the hot summer months. The Tri-color beech grows shaped more like a regular beech than the Purple Fountain beech, only smaller.  It has a rounded outline and if not pruned will grow branches from the ground up.  These look a lot more like a normal shaped tree than the Purple Fountain beech. I live in the Salt Lake City area. Thanks! Nurseries won’t give a guarantee this time of year even if they plant it (it’s b&b) . If you ever get to Kalamazoo Michigan you absolutely must visit Bronson park. It is preferable to train one of the branches straight to be the leader. Most beech tree diseases are caused by fungal infections. He came out the following spring and said the same thing. of leaves. The size of the Tricolor beech will get to perhaps 30 feet high and 20 feet wide in most locations.  It might take two or three decades to get that size.  Depending of course upon how big it is when you plant it.  The edges of this tree’s leaves will burn in August unless it gets some afternoon shade. A skilled pruner, say Iain from Anderson Gardens (your welcome for the plug Willie!) I haven’t watered the tree in about 2 years. Lately I have gone to a 2-3 times per week deep watering. It has the most majestic, towering tricolor beech tree I’ve ever seen. Those are averages of say 10 years. IF you can hire a tree spade and they can get ACCESS to the tree. Slow grower. I am wanting to plant the European Beach (cooper and purple); the American Beech; and the Tri-Colored cultivar. It is fall now and area that has peeled has expanded to about 1.5 feet long. She is in and she is lovely. As far as how to prune, I woukd just do reduction cuts on branches that got to large. I have to plead ignorance, as I don’t know the answer. Wow! The bed is between the front walk and the driveway which form a 90 degree angle. I’m not sure if four feet is too close given eastern facing position its espalier form is more lateral (north/south). Starting 2 weeks ago some leaves have turned yellow brown and have fallen off. Highly adaptable to a wide range of soil types, providing it is well-drained. Should we be worried, or is that normal? The roots of European beeches are close to the surface and may cause issues to your patio and retaining wall. They sell them locally here but there’s confliting information with regards to there hardiness. Anything I can do for it. I’ve read a bit about translating these tree and being careful with the root ball and graft and not to prune it the first two years after transplant. How long should it take to get rid of the insects? I found a company selling one, but the seller said that it is a grafted tree.   The overall effect of the two color leaf is what appears to be a purplish pink tree. This spring the tree is looking much better. I don’t think your spikes probably did much. Perhaps I should rephrase. I have always coveted a Tri Color Beech and had one planted about 6 weeks ago. Now the leaves a drooping. Thank you! Hi Jim, the bed in my backyard is somewhat raised and contains 10 established “knockout” roses. Pachysandra both Japanese and Allegheny spurge may be good choices for a ground cover under it. Heartbroken in Michigan. I’m spending a lot of $$$ to buy this beloved tree and sure don’t want to chance losing it. We live in Northern Nevada (high desert), so we get hot summers and snow in the winter. Plenty of sun during the morning and dappled sun in the afternoon. See what the companies suggest. I wish I’d known about this beautiful tree when I was much, much younger. Or will it always look somewhat crooked. I planted it about 8 years ago. It adds beauty to it! Last year it produced a large crop of nuts for the first time. The following week I put in fertilizer spikes. We do have fairly heavy clay soil, and it can be wet in the spring (hey! , some of my five Tri color Beech trees have all maroons leaves with no pink margins , 2 trees are ok , is this because of the drought ? N/A. It has not started leafing yet here in SW Ohio. Some at the bottom are getting rather long. While improved tree growth followed these treatments and policies, the oldest beech tree specimens still declined from disease. It does get morning and afternoon sun but has very(!) Wright holds a graduate diploma in environmental horticulture from the University of Melbourne, Australia, and a Master of Science in public horticulture from the University of Delaware. View Options. And what procedure should I follow to plant this tree”. This provided insight into the importance of diminishing stress on beeches to maintain vigor and to protect the root zone. Jim, I planted a four foot American Beech last fall in central Michigan. It is about 5-6 feet away from the house, and I am worried about this because the canopy of the tree is already touching the house and I’m sure the roots are up against the foundation. How much sun does the tree get? It will be planted at least 15ft from the house. I kept it in the bonsai pot last year in my garage for the winter dormancy. There may very well be others. the bed is an oval-shaped, sized about 30’x15′. My guess is that it suffered from transplant shock and/or over or under watering. My guess would be to expect periodic crops of nuts every few years. The problem is, I think it was planted waaaay to close to the house. My tri color beech is about 8 years old. Also just to the west of the retaining wall about 20 feet away is a 35 foot river birch tree that should protect it from westerly winds and late afternoon sun. I’m starting to get a little paranoid! Fagus sylvatica is a large tree, capable of reaching heights of up to 50 m (160 ft) tall and 3 m (9.8 ft) trunk diameter, though more typically 25–35 m (82–115 ft) tall and up to 1.5 m (4.9 ft) trunk diameter. After seeing other posts, though, I think I may have watered it too much, even though we had a scorching heat spell for a few weeks following its planting. I noticed in spring that bark at base of tree was peeling off. It also has had aphids the last two springs, which I diligently sprayed. It will survive (mine is in full sun in Chicago area), but the leaves will look pretty rough at the end of summer. I walked over to it today and noticed the leaf tips are already slightly discolored and burnt looking. I enjoy reading up on everyone’s questions. If you cut off all the clonal tree from the rootstock, I would expect you to have green leaves as normal European Beeches are, so I doubt that happened. Is it ok to prune them off? Yes especially if it is getting a bit too much sun (or if your climate is warmer). (I’m waiting for a nearby Greenspire Linden to hurry up and grow so it gets some shade). It’s about 10 ft tall now. Soil compaction restricts water and oxygen uptake by roots and is associated with roads, parking lots, foot traffic, construction equipment and livestock. We have what I believe to be a tricolor beech on our property in CT but it seems to be struggling. The vigor of the trees improved after scheduled applications of organic mulch and limited soil tillage. Hi, our 6 year old tricolor beach is beautiful but loses so many leaves and looks twiggy during the summer months. Rarely gets to the upper levels of height or width. Is it preferable to train one straight or is that the typical growth habit? It’s about 20 feet tall now. In looking through everything, I don’t think I’ve found anyone with my concern, so here goes: We live in Seattle, and planted a large, specimen sized tri-color beech on Dec. 7, 2016 (replacing a beautiful Japanese maple that unfortunately got verticileum wilt). I am sure my question will be like many others but thought I would ask and see your thoughts as i have had conflicting info on this. I planted a 6 ft tall tri-color beech tree at the end of September last year. I planted two 10′ tall tri color beech trees in late May. If leaves do not produce chlorophyll at all, then of course you can still germinate such plant from seed, but it will eventually die (because leaves do not have chlorophyll responsible for converting light energy into sugars etc.). I am sure by late summer it will be look a little rough. They would not grow true from seed, they need to be grafted on a rootstock from an existing tri-color beech. I live in southern Michigan and am considering planting a multi stem tricolor beech off the corner of a deck in a slightly elevated bed that has a block border. Is Tri color beech an ornamental tree? I’ve now had two other arborists say that the leaf issue is not due to aphids, but is a problem with the tree, which they think may not have been planted properly. Jim work's as a Landscape Designer in the far northwest suburbs of Chicago. But it seems most all the green leaf beech get BIG. Even in high heat thats too much. Hi, I just scratched the bark of the trunk on my Tri Color Beech tree and there is only brown and no green. Probably not. I was walking near our town’s beautiful college campus recently, rounded a corner and this beautiful pink colored tree caught my attention right away. Filed Under: Plant recommendations Tagged With: beech, Fagus sylvatica "Roseomarginata', purple leaf tree, specimen, tree. For more information on Beech Leaf Disease see this article. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated. This will give the tree a chance to grow feeder roots closer to the trunk which will aid in it’s survival. These beeches certainly like a little shade in the hot afternoons in my area (Chicago) or their leafs will scorch by the end of summer. I purchased a copper fungicide and sprayed it a few times. Here is Southern Oregon the weather get hot in July and august with a typical daily average of 92 degrees and no rain for a few months. I think that the best beech trees for most yards are two purple leafed and SMALLER varieties. Any ideas what’s going on with the tree? In looking at the tree, it has developed new buds throughout. Scientists say the disease, known as Beech Leaf Disease, has been found in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and Ontario, Canada. It will take up to a month before the chemical is throughout the tree. Aug 20, 2016 - Explore Donna Mackey's board "Tricolor Beech trees" on Pinterest. I used Mycorrhizal when planted. Is that normal? Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! I have a tri colored beech that we planted in the front of our house about 4 years ago. We would only have a few small plants near it (hostas, lilys, coral bells, etc.) By the end of July, all of the leaves had shriveled up and fallen off. Thanks. It is resting in a 5 gallon pot, roots packed in a jute bag The tallest branch is already 7-8 ft but it shouldn’t be wider than 3 ft. We want to plant it in our front yard which has full sun through out the day. Last season I purchased a 5′ espalier tri colored beech after selling the house where I planted a one with a beautiful cascading form (sniff). I did not prune the dead leader off and am wondering if I should prune it this fall/winter in the hopes that a second leader will develop. Popular sizes of select trees are 1 foot, 2 feet, 3 feet, etc. You may want to try Rich’s Foxwillow Pines (www.richsfoxwillowpines.com) if you are anywhere near Northern Illinois. Until it is figured out what is causing this disease there is no way to know if its spread can be halted. American beech will tolerate but will Tri-color? I chose the tri-color for its color and because it is is said to not be susceptible to verticilleum wilt. HI JIM, I planted a Tri-Beach about 5 years ago, it is beautiful. We have a beautiful tri-colored beech at the house we just moved in to in November. In Illinois it is called Julie , in Wisconsin it is called Diggers hotline. Rob, There are no visible signs of disease or damage to the tree. ”. I have heard and seen a branch or two do this for a year, but never a whole tree. Thinking if root pruning it would be necessary b4 i transplant…or at least hoe far out should i dig the diameter not to kill the tree. I haven’t turned our water on yet and we’ve had a pretty soggy spring. the tree was about 4 1/2 to 5 feet tall I watered it regularly but not too much it was beautiful for about a month and a half till all the leaves started turning brown and by the end of July all the leaves were brown and dry. Outstanding foliage make this tree stand out in any landscape. Water deeply as needed, particularly in hot, dry weather. Currently red buds pear, and tulip trees are blooming on our property. I would like to start with a small tree (2-5 feet in height). The tree looked is fair shape at that time. Do you think I will lose the tree? The tree I selected is fairly mature (approx 12 ft) so it’s pricey and planting is 50% of the price. I think your leaves are dropping due to excess moisture. Grows the same as River's Beech but leaves have a striking pink and white edge. I would hope this might help the Beech. I live in Ontario (Caledon to be exact) where summers can get hot to 30 to 35 range at times so is it safe to assume this tree will brown and curl even if i water properly? thanks so much in advance! I have seen it on lists showing it is tolerant, but not many. It is located in an open area and gets ample sunlight. I have such new Summer-growth 2″-3″ now, few of them. If I am understanding you right, That sounds like a normal late summer, too much sun symptom. large pines planted to its southwest of it to shield it from later afternoon sun. I’m quite willing to break up the soil and apply an appropriate amount of mulch. Is this a nutrition problem??? but now is much stronger and I feel trunk thickness doubled. Someone from the Forestry Department said it may be birds spreading it. Any recommendations on what to do? Heck, according to Michigan State (See below) you can even scrub them off. My question is, “is it ok to plant tree over there? We have a tri coloured beech that was planted last fall. Keep the large root zone of all beech trees protected with a copious and nutritious layer of organic mulch, 3 to 5 inches deep. I would like to plant a tricolor in the center of my rose bed. This year, not a blossom one. I live in Boston, MA. Thanks Jim! $40.00. Root balls get real heavy, real quick when they grow in size. We also have a waterfall 8 feet away. We have got a European Tri color beech from Home depot. great post! Thank you for all your answers the the questions, they are all interesting. Keeping watering it to the ground freezes but make sure it dries out between watering. We have had a lot of rain this summer, about 26″. thrive in Eastern woodlands and along rivers. Purdue University points out what most people fail to realize: that most trees grow many of their roots in the top 4 to 8 inches of soil, where warmth, moisture and nutrients abound. You could also just move it further away. The nursery said to water every evening ( sounds like that was wrong) also said my full sun location would be fine, sigh. In fact I would suggest you take a look at some of my pruning posts. We live in middle Michigan and the yard has sun pretty much all day . As a result, the tree here has suffered from trunk bark loss on the south facing side from the intense sun. Last year I bought at Homedepot Tri-Color one, two of them, both are growing super well. In the 1990s, the impressive beech tree allees at Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park, the former Gold Coast-era estate of William Robertson Coe, began losing vigor. I love reading your comments; still have not explored your webpage. I really want a Tricolor Beech and the spot the I am wanting to put it in a front driveways island bed that gets full sun from morn to eve. I had concerns about too much rain that summer and if that might be a problem with the tree. It is a slow growing tree under best conditions and if it is under stress from heat, it will be even slower. A good soaking once a week is a good rule of thumb. Amy. I uncovered root crown last year, at the surface now, and roots became very thick, very visible. Any idea how often they will produce nuts, or is it just a random event from one year to the next. That tree grows across Europe and Britain, sometimes making whole forests, and sometimes mixed with other trees like oak. What is the best way to tell if the root/tree is still alive? I’d never seen or heard of a tricolor till I visited Bronson park and I fell in love and that’s the reason I purchased mine. They are even used as hedges. And yes Tri color breeches are certainly ornamental trees, but they can get pretty big it just takes a loooong time (many decades)’, I live just south of Indianapolis, IN which is in the center of the state. I would probably cut it off at some point. Since then it has been mostly dry. Eliminating the scale insects controls the disease. Is this perhaps a different type of tricolor? Fagus sylvatica ‘Tricolor’ or ‘Roseo-Marginata’ Leaves: Deciduous. And the best idea I found is this: to have fountain in centre (with bench to sit), or to have small gazebo in centre. They are now all brown. Let it dry out between watering. Tricolor European Beech has visually striking foliage that is purple with irregular pinkish-white and rose borders. The Red Obelisk is also quite tolerant of soil conditions that may not be optimal. The thin bark is a magnet for vandalism from bored teens walking by and the branches do have a tendency to grow close to the ground. Thanks! Thank you for you help and suggestions. Another question, at the same time we bought the tri colour beech we also bought a Mountain Ash and it is looking very sorry for itself. Changes in soil depth around beeches also cause injury to root systems. It might survive, but the odds are less then 100%. It was a dry year this year, but the tree is on a drip system that has been set the same each year. Should I persevere? You have to see it Jim! Hoping you can shed some light on that. The other species we had planted are doing really well. Here in Toronto, I was able to see at least 5 different kinds of Beech tree at Eglinton PlantWorld store, and although I like big purely purple leaves more, this “Tri-Color” tree looks amazing as a whole. Would love to plant a Tri-Color ‘Roseomarginata’ but have 15 black walnut on the property. As you mentioned American Beech would be fine, but Tri-Color beech are European beech that are not known to be resistant to juglone (and probably are not). I really want to get a tri-color beech for me front yard, but I have the deer issue. I would avoid planting right next to utilities. I would like to plant a tree in our south facing backyard. The good news I don’t think you are in an urgent time frame here. I used the Bayer tree and shrub protect and feed last weekend. If so that could be an issue. If you need to you can always remove the tree later. It might re-leaf out, might as well wait and see. I called the nursery when I read the ticket suggesting that this tree should have afternoon shade and they said as long as I water it it should be fine. I’m hoping the espalier form will make it form a double hedge in parallel with the arbs, and if over time it peeps above the abs I’m not worried. Yes they will look better in a more suitable environment. These smaller roots grow outward and predominantly upward from the large roots near the soil surface. I have not seen your tree, but I would usually remove the twine and cut the burlap down about 1/3rd of the way down the rootball if I didn’t take more of it off. I have a new European Tricolor Beach still in the pot. They are probably 1 1/2 to 2 inches in diameter. We have two big TCB (10-20 yrs old) in our neighborhood and it is so beautiful and with all pink foliage. Thanks. Important to notice also: there is new growth from Spring 6″-8″, and sometimes, maybe, new growth started in middle of Summer; for all trees; I don’t know explanation. This is especially true for a new plant that is not established at all. http://www.clemson.edu/extension/hgic/plants/landscape/shrubs/hgic1055.html, http://www.colostate.edu/Depts/CoopExt/4DMG/Trees/movetree.htm, http://www.ipm.msu.edu/uploads/files/WoodyLandscape_PDFs/BeechBarkDisease.pdf. I don’t think it will happen in time to protect it from afternoon exposure so I want to move it to the opposite end of the patio that is protected from the wind and afternoon sun from a single row of emerald arborvitae 4 feet to the west and a 40 ft maple 30 feet south west of the new location. I planted two Tri colored Beeches about a year ago . It’s been warm but its been worse in the past. I planted it an exposed section of my new yard as a backdrop to a paved area, waiting for a faster growing tree establish nearby. Torn what to do. It is highly recommended to not plant in hot, dry areas. If this is the 1st year this happened, I would say relax and see what happens next year. If you were planting a Riversii or another of the ones that get 40-60 feet tall and wide, I think you would have a larger problem with sidewalks. For us in the Chicago area, this Summer has been easy on plants with ample moisture and warm but not brutally hot temps. They are not like willows. Did the leaves drop or are their still parts attached to the tree with most of the leaf eaten off. Yes, there are great green leaf beech trees such as Fernleaf Beech. Yep. I planted one maybe too deep (at least 4″-6″ deeper than what it was in a pot) and then got scared after reading some articles about “bud union above ground”; last year, two months after planting I tried to uncover it from mulch and noticed a lot of healthy roots right inside mulch (2″ below ground level); probably scion itself started roots. I assume this is a good sign and indicates that the tree is still alive? We have been excitedly watching the leaf buds form until today when we found the trunk and several branches covered in a light, off-white powder. Seasonally, Nature Hills offers hand selected, high quality bare root trees, shrubs and perennials. Is a tri-colored beech affected by a black walnut tree and jug lone? Do I have a good chance it will make it through the winter? Cut it off at the trunk? I am in Columbus Ohio and it has been darn hot here lately and not much rain. Some years odd things happen to this tree depending upon weather, etc. I’ve also been treating it yearly for the last 3 years with Bayer Tree and Shrub Care because something was nibbling on the leaves in the past. The leaves are also larger. In 2018, its first full season in our yard, it rebounded a bit, but did not fully flourish. I t is a rather dull green. It was a hot summer and was planted in late June. Steve. About beech tree: I’ve read somewhere its’ root will suspend anything to grow around. Purdue University points out what most people fail to realize: that most trees grow many of their roots in the top 4 to 8 inches of soil, where warmth, moisture and nutrients abound. (little green bugs with white pillowy stuff on them) Don’t water it daily. If it is really hot out (say 90’s) maybe water every two to three days. I have never mulched but this year is so hot and dry that I feel the need. Growing Red Obelisk European Beech Trees. Anyway, it’s gone! Second one, which is bigger, is bending significantly (in dry weather too), but doing great; so I won’t disturb it. The American beech will also grow about 1′ per year. We have a fairly young tri colored beech tree that we planted 2 years ago. I have a tri-color beech tree in my front yard. I have done that. 1) The trunk is somewhat twisted. These will probably be fixable without losing the tree, but will require some hardscaping work. Pruning in Summer should be fine. If your climate is colder, they may do better for you. If you can’t get a warranty at all, I would say there is your answer. I am concerned. Also, I would prefer something that grows faster. Is there a specific distance we should be away from them? Boy I am not sure what’s going on with your tree. Bare root plants are sold by height from the top of the root system to the top of the plant. Do not compost. could certainly do it. If horticultural oils are used, apply them only when the tree is dormant.” – Michigan State University (http://www.ipm.msu.edu/uploads/files/WoodyLandscape_PDFs/BeechBarkDisease.pdf). If you can shed some light on our tree issue, I would very much appreciate it, as I don’t want to replace the tree only to have this happen again. Hi, Jim – enjoying your blog in general and this discussion in particular! My tricolor beech has developed mottling of the leaves. We are still in our warranty period. Thanks. He's also been a horticulturist and aesthetic pruner at a top quality Japanese Garden, as well as a freelance garden consultant, Risk Management Consultant, Insurance Safety inspector and head banging Ice Cream Truck driver (yeah that was me cranking "And Justice for All") among other things. I contacted you on August 20th 2015 about my mature tri color and how the leaves were turning brown way too early. Prune its twigs? If its over a hundred maybe three times a week. Thanks for your help. I understand beeches are slow growing and good for hedging, but I haven’t found much about how to prune or manage it in this form. By mid to late Summer they could look pretty rough. I checked with Rich’s to see if they had any ideas. grace woodlands, become spectacular shade trees for large lawns and even make tall hedgerows. I noticed tonight that the leaves are fading and seem to becoming crunchy. Does this sound like a viable option, or am I spending too much money ($250.00) on my new specimen? Problem: Green, pink and white colors are present but the whole tree does not have the vibrancy you expect. I live in northwest illinois and was thinking of moving it to my backyard around my patio where it will get 6 hrs of sun then shade. I love the leaves and the bark with the lichen, I just can’t have a 20 foot wide tree in this spot. Keep mature beech trees well watered in times of prolonged drought, and avoid placing heavy objects or conducting soil-moving projects in close proximity to desirable beech trees. It could be early leaf drop due to stress, but it could be worse. I noticed this year my otherwise healthy looking tree seems bare in some spots. I have 2 purple European beech trees planted ~ 8 years ago here in PA one is doing great but the other one has completely brown leaves already. And I do feel quite proud of the attention it gets when neon pink and breathtaking. Now? I have prunedit three or four times to bring the canopy up as it grows. Did I fertilize at wrong time or it it heavy spring rains or both? If so, what time of the year? It has some kind of green fungus or mold that grows on the tree. tree is about 2″ diameter and 12-15ft tall. In case utility guy green lit the digging, is it the best idea to plant it over there because of there shallow root system? Regarding the leaf disease: I would think that birds could be the main culprit for spreading the disease. Beeches are best pruned in late winter once the worst of winter has passed. thanks for your help. Excessively dry soil also causes abortion of feeder roots. The branches have leaves on the ends but the center is sparse and appear to be wrapped in places with what looks like lichen. Moreover, the root zone extends well beyond the edges of the branches. There are cases where in some years the varigation of some leafs won’t be there, but if it’s the same branch a couple of years you can probably cut it off. I think you will be OK as long as you site it to get afternoon shade and maybe late morning too. Exposure:  Light shade.  Afternoon shade best. great site! Unfortunately I won’t be able to move out another 5 feet. I’d like to plant one in our front landscaping but I read it has fiborous roots so other plants can’t grow “under” it…I’m a gardening newbie…is this true? I have some warm afternoon sun, maybe 4 hours, but the lot is well shaded from surrounding dense tree coverage. What constitutes a “good, long watering”? Don’t water daily. See the comment above and my response regarding beech bark scale to make sure you don’t have that as it is a serious pest of beech that may or may not be common in your area. We had a very hot and dry summer. Keep watering it if needed and hope for best. You can use the following information to identify common beech tree diseases and choose the suitable form of disease control. So that could be playing a role also. Or do I have to start over? Don’t water every day that for sure! The heat in the summer will require it to have shade or it’s leaves will fry. Actually I have finished 2 bottles of the copper fungicide, the green stuff is still there. 12.7-Gallon Tricolor Beech Feature Tree in Pot (L7232) Item #594574 Model #NURSERY. Is there any way to get the tricolored back for the majority of the tree? Should tri color Beech trees be pruned? Definitely contact at least 3 companies if you have that many in your area, as the prices they charge and their means of moving the tree may vary widely. Look for beginning scale infestations on the trunk of large trees, often near branch stubs or other rough areas. Leaves are mottled with variegated colors in many shades of white, green, and pink. love my tricolor beech. Thanks for your advice, it is invaluable. Would you say the roots are about twice as wide as the branches? I’d guess it is about 20′ tall. These look a lot more like a normal shaped tree than the Purple Fountain beech. They are among the last trees to leaf out. They recommended using a specific soap and brush. Or, since it is a young tree should I just replace it. Does this seem accurate to you? Grow beech trees in moist, well-draining soils rich in organic matter. I think beeches are best moved then, so I would probably wait till next year. No prob at all if not. If you can find a tree care company that knows what they are doing, you can move this tree. Last year in much of the US, Tricolor beech probably had a rough time with the excessive summer heat and drought. Learn how your comment data is processed. I heard the roots of the tree are shallow. What you will want to do is have the tree root pruned inside the diameter of the the tree spade. We live in Michigan and we got some good amount of rain all these past months. It depends on how big the tree is. Thank you for this info, I have about 7′-high tricolor beech (two of them). The guy who planted it pulled the stump, put in a fertilizer ( in the hole) the nursery recommended created a larger hole for the new tree then mulched and staked. I just planted a tri color beech tree in a garden surrounding the house about 7 feet from the side of the garage which is attached to the house. Thanks. thank you, Since beech’s are difficult to transplant trees in general, you might want to consider hiring this job out. I would wait till Spring considering it may be a borderline plant in your area as far as hardiness. I would probably contact your local extension office or the Plant clinic at the closest arboretum or botanic garden and see if they can give your any further advice as far as chemicals to use or timing of the application. The cause of the tree killer is unknown. Don’t overwater but don’t forget about it either. Wish I could post a pic for you. Beeches do have shallow root systems. I’ll look into some local companies and go from there. Perhaps native North American variety, not sure. It is probably just an adaption to stress on the part of the tree. I just purchased a Tricoloured beech on the advice of a nurseryman. We have a drip system (micro sprayer) and usually water for 20 minutes. The deer ate mine, so we trimmed it up, it looks like a tree and the deer leave it alone now. Slightly toxic, I doubt your dog would find them tasty enough to eat many. All Rights Reserved. European beeches are often used as hedges in England, so they do take pruning well. they are two in number one tall 2-3 ft and other one is big square. It gets a light bronze fall color that is nice.  Mine does not tend to hold many leaves in the winter but perhaps a bit less summer sun may improve this.  The smooth gray bark gets provides winter interest once the tree gets larger. While tomorrow is promised to no one, I am just wondering how big my beech trees will get over 5, 10, 15, 20 years. I understand it will be in the favor of the tree to have shade but have no choice since my backyard gets sunlight almost all the day except few areas which is close to the house. Is it mulched and irrigated at all in August? Then the tree dies. Purdue University points out what most people fail to realize: that most trees grow many of their roots in the top 4 to 8 inches of soil, where warmth, moisture and nutrients abound. We’ve had plenty of rain july through mid august. Can you provide the growth rates of the beech trees? If I dug under one of the sides and either lifted and filled under to straighten or dug other side and dropped that side a bit; would that shock the tree too much. I had one in full sun and yes it looked kind of bad in Mid August in hot years in Chicago but I still loved that tree. There’s a gentle slope that would provide good drainage, though our soil is heavy clay. Tri-color dappled willow trees are stunning, with gracefully arched branches and new growth that shifts from a lustrous pale pink to whitish-green. The leaves have returned and it is doing great. Can you sell me some if you have any? Obviously my interest in this tree is for it’s uniqueness and beauty. I also have roses on perimeter of small garden, and dwarf Japanese maple + big tall birds feeder in centre. The final outcome was a dead tree in the spring! I think it’s root system won’t cause issues with sidewalks if it was at least 10 feet away from them. Thanks for any help you can offer. Thanks! It is a stunning specimen tree with an overall pink color that will make a wonderful addition to the landscape. I watered the tree. The tri color beech does well in our zone and grows slowly. The lowest branches are still tricolored, but the majority is all purple. I am really speculating here though. The amount of sun they get can also impact color. ... Bloom Color Family. The Tricolor Beech is known for its beautiful variegated foliage, of purple with a rose-pink and cream margin. Do you think i could move it successfully. If you get twenty years out of it and decide it has outgrown it’s space you are allowed to remove it. I am concerned now that it’s too close after reading how large it gets! Don’t water every couple of days, let the soil dry out a little bit between. Like losing a dear, dear friend. Oh, thank you Caroline Leigh! Michigan has been a hard state for tree lovers, especially lately. In Indiana can I prune in the Fall and should I paint the cuts with tar after pruning? Water deeply, regularly during first few growing seasons to establish an extensive root system; reduce frequency once established. I notice green fungus looking stuff on the trunk and branches of my tri color beech. We live south of Nashville TN. Can you recommend anything you like better than Dawn soap? N/A. The trunk is massive, it must be a very, very, very old tree. Faces north, soy bean field behind me, so it’s open to some wind. A nursery suggested spraying the area with tree paint. Back on an October 21, 2015 post to you I reported on a large crop of nuts for the first time ever with the tree here. Be strategic in placing your Tri-Color Beech. Jim, As with all trees, protecting the roots from damage as well as providing a soil environment conducive for healthy root growth extends vigor and life. A colorful addition to the landscape, giving an overall pink effect. European beech will grow about 1′ per year. See more ideas about beech tree, beech, plants. The retaining wall where I want to plant a new tricolor beach is on the side of my property between my house and my neighbors house where there is a drop off of about 2 1/2 feet hence the retaining wall. Some of which are normal size and color tricolor beech leaves. Does this mean it’s dead? The other concern I have is I cannot mulch the bed because of a dog that would dig, so I have black lava rock. I am not a fan of fall pruning for plants that may be borderline hardy as the area near the pruning cut can be less hardy going into winter if not fully healed. Thanks you very much for this info! Hello Jim, Now, the end of August, the leaves look dry and crusty but in the spring it re-news to its beautiful deep pink color. I live on Cape Cod so the zone is correct. And will they recover next year if we get sufficient rain ? HI Jim While the majority of roots grow in the top 2 feet of the soil, the deepest structural and anchoring ones do not penetrate deeper than 3 to 7 feet, according to Colorado State University experts. I will report back if and when it produces another crop of nuts. Thank you so much for your time. ‘If Facebook were around in the 1930s, it would have allowed Hitler to post 30-second ads’ — Listen to Sacha Baron Cohen slam the social media industry for facilitating the spread of hate, lies, and conspiracies pic.twitter.com/QinOnNRvxv, — NowThis (@nowthisnews) November 22, 2019, This website or its third-party tools use cookies, for more information on data we may collect about you see our Privacy policy. Their leaves will tend to get dried out and “crunchy” as you say in the worst of the Summer heat in Full sun locations. my tricolor beech was planted about 3yrs ago..doing very well..8ft from the house and i wanna transplant it another 7ft out in March or April. I have put grey/silver plants with my purple beeches and it is stunning: lambs ears, dusty miller and artemisia. We just bought a Tri-color Beech tree TODAY from a beautiful nursery in Wilmette, IL. I need 500 seeds. Plan the perfect garden with our interactive tool →, "New Pytologist"; The Structure of Mycorhizzal Roots of Fagus sylvatica; F. A. L. Clowes; May 1951, Purdue University: When Tree Roots Surface, Impressive in stature and beauty, beech trees (Fagus spp.). Is it all purple leaf? Of course we plan on making this an annual event if necessary. A good rule of thumb is to start at about 8 to 10 feet away from your home for small trees and scale up to account for the tree’s mature height and spread. was thinking of planting one in the fall if I can find one . They’re not as big and surface-dwelling as a silver or Norway maple (or even American or European beech) but bigger than small trees like dogwoods and serviceberries. I can’t seam to upload pics. I just noticed the ends of the leaves are turning brown, we live in Ohio and we did have a rather cool August. They are often even used as hedges in England. Required fields are marked *. If you could get it out to 15 feet it will work better for your site for a lot longer. The chipmunks are eating my tomatoes so I hope they are gathering some of these because I’d had to see them all go to waste. The spot I have in mind is next to my patio which is cement about 15 to 18 feet from the house also inside of a retaining wall that is about a 3 Quarter Cir. We have rarely seen a nut from it. I would say plant one (maybe don’t spend TOO much money on it) and see how it does. Of course the bad news is you will have to at least be on the lookout and perhaps treat the scale every year. They said they saw some of their trees have little varigation last year and speculated that your trees issue may be related to heat and drought from last year. European beeches are often used as hedges in England, so they can take hard pruning. Tricolor beech is a bit smaller than copper beech, but its roots are still about average for a mid-sized shade tree. I planted a 4 foot, Tri-colour Beech 3 years ago. It is hard when you have trees delivered and planted in Nov as they have no leaves. All species tend to grow well in USDA Hardiness Zones 4 through 8. Any pesticide or fertilizer applications since the leaves have come out? What will happen if I pruned off the only branches left with variation? Chartreuse plants work well too. However, I want to make sure that the issue was with the tree itself, and not something I was doing wrong. If you want to get really geeky, here is a info sheet that talks about moving larger trees (http://www.colostate.edu/Depts/CoopExt/4DMG/Trees/movetree.htm). However, I can’t see where a recommend to use something different than Dawn soap could be used for the bad part on the trunk? A soaker hose around the tree on for 1-2 hours would certainly qualify. Your email address will not be published. It seems to be trailing some other local tricolor beeches by about 10 days in terms of its leaf blooms and coloring, but it is looking pretty good so far — except for one branch on the lower trunk that did not produce any leafs. They might grow but they won’t likely resemble their parent. Yikes!) Your tree is probably too close and will probably cause problems eventually. It’s mid April and leaves have not returned. Some of the branches only have leaves towards the end of the branch. Last year I noticed about a handful of dark, not variegated leaves and this year in the same spot there is a whole branch of them. It’s not mulched and the soil is dry. My tri colored beach is only one color after the forth year ? The nursery tied off most shoots to the main lateral branches and it currently has its first late summer shoots of 1-3 inches. “Left untreated, the disease may be fatal. I am not sure where you are located but drought being a factor sounds like it might make sense. Thank you for any help you can provide, my local nursery were it was purchased is stumped. Grows to a height of 30ft. I have a ten year old tricolor beech that leafed out this spring, but now the leaves have all turned brown -though the wood is still quick.It’s planted on a slope and the upside has eroded so that the root flare was a bit buried. It is planted in virtually the same location as the maple. Fagus sylvatica 'Jack's Dwarf' Small Deep Green Beech Tree. I live in northern Illinois and have read that they should not be planted in the fall. It would get morning sun and indirect sun in the afternoon. This was a mild, pleasant summer in central PA with a just a bit more rain than usual in July and August. Highly adaptable to a wide range of soil types, providing it is well-drained. I well recall Beechnut gum but I could only taste a slight hint of it in these nuts. thanks for any advice I do not want to harm my tree. If not, I’m afraid we are going to have to cut it down. Birch trees (Betula spp.) Also, do you know if the health, size or length of the tree’s life will be impacted by it being a grafted tree? Impressive in stature and beauty, beech trees (Fagus spp.) We have found a place but it is near water reader and I guess cable/phone box (green colored) . It will not receive any shade at all. Otherwise, I would be inclined to think that there is something wrong with the root system such as bad girdling roots. The leaves, 4 in. It had its top leader cut off. In a raised bed about five or 6 inches high. I think your tree will probably leaf out normally next year, although it may be a couple of years if it is drought induced. Hi Jim, I use affiliate links and may earn a commission if you purchase through my links. I would love to get your thoughts regarding if there is anything further I can do to help the tree, as well as whether you think it has a decent chance to make it come the Spring. Also should I be pruning some of the longer lanky branches back? At first I thought it is peanut in a shell, or maybe chestnut (in a shell), until I noticed germinated trees and saw pictures on Internet: it is beach tree. Some springs are more spectacular than others. Do you know if this is a common problem in upstate NY, and do you have any suggestions on how to take care of the issue? Yep it will burn and be stressed out there.  I believe Rich donated it to a botanic garden or sold it, so it is no longer there. Sure if you dig a large enough root ball and don’t break the root ball apart. Hi Jim The first symptoms are a dark staining pattern on the leaves, then the leaves become shriveled and leathery textured. If it works out and gets decent sized it will be a show stopper in early summer especially. This is one tree that is best planted in the spring. But I am concerned that tomorrow is May 1st and I do not see any leafs showing up. Thanks, Will that straighten with age as it thickens up? It gets some indirect sun in summer months but is mostly shaded by mature trees which have been trimmed up. This was meant to encourage new surface roots where soils were compacted and where both vehicular traffic over root zones and excessive pedestrian traffic occurred. And I planted it even 2″ deeper, plus 2″ more mulch on top, so that small tiny tri-color branch is under mulch. They do leaf out late spring too. I now plan on replacing the soon doomed basswood with this tree….. Please come back and tell me what it does for you next year, as I am curious (although climate can definitely impact this). © 2018 Jim Anderson
. The good news is unless it is already pretty far gone, you can kill those suckers! and a spread of 20ft.. The addition of only 4 to 6 inches of soil over a root zone drastically reduces the amount of oxygen and water available to the roots. The American beech will also grow about 1′ per year. Mine also has a fair amount of lichen on it and yes it is harmless. Do you think that will help against insects eating the leaves? It has always done really well in it’s location. P.S. It is in full sun so maybe that slowed the productivity. Hi Jim, But who knows, maybe your dog is as stupid as mine. I have chosen not to trim my tree but to let the branches grow and make its own formation. Buy Tricolor European Beech online. I have a tri-color that is 9-10 years old. Thanks Jim, a great help. I would also look at the trunk at the point above which the leaves are showing symptoms, is there any injury or other things that look odd there? Is this a sign the tree is dying? I live I Windsor Ontario in a townhouse, I want to plat a 2″ tri-Color beech I the back yard. Thank you in advance for your time and advice. do you see that being a problem? He has worked professionally at gardens in Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Bloom Color Name. Any thoughts? Tricolor beach … We are in a sever drought in Ca. Cindy. The major function of feeder roots is the absorption of water and minerals. It could but it does not sound like a situation I would expect it to thrive in. The old tricolor beach tree that did not make it was in full sun all day raised above a wet area. Also, I just noticed it looks like beetles or something might be eating some of the leaves because I notice that “skeletal” look on some leaves. They finally turn bronze-gold in the fall. You will also need to keep it watered well during exceptionally hot or dry periods in the summer months. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It will be slower until it is established. Is it going to be too close to my ranch house which is east facing? Jim, Here is a follow up to what’s happening to my Tricolor Beech tree. Yes you can prune any extra long and lanky branches but you don’t have to it will figure out how to grow. This is not uncommon on beeches and usually adds a bit to their character as they grow. I’m really worried about the tree. In a very short span of time the leaves have browned and curled, but do not feel dry nor have fallen off. The striking foliage of the European Tri-Colored Beech Tree is purple with irregular creamy pink and rose margins. I love the look of this tricolor beech for its shape and color, but I don’t think it will work because our yard gets full sun. Hi Jim, Are tricolor beech trees not able to grow from a seed / beechnut produced by a mature tricolor beech tree? Oh also, I’m in Michigan and it would only have morning shade…thats ok, but not ideal I gather? Ten or 12 feet away, that might work, but 5 is really close. The temperatures should not have bothered it either. I live in Southern Oregon and have a tri-color Beech that has been in the ground here for 7 years. You may be seeing symptoms of this if it was similar in your area last summer. What was it and what can we do about it? Its a little tight as far as space. I will certainly be covering everything you need to know before you need to prune it . Also, how quickly does this tree grow? Call them, describe what you have and see if they can give you an idea of what they would charge. I have seen a pretty decent sized one planted as a street tree oddly enough and it was probably 5 feet from both the sidewalk and the road and not causing any problems to either. 5 feet, both are growing super well a stunning specimen tree with most of the branches on of! Planted a 4 foot, 2 feet, 3 tri color beech tree root system, etc. stopper. Stressed out there with weed fabric bark mulch to retain moisture, but frequency... Will get leaf scorch in late may early June I planted a tri-color that. Also causes abortion of feeder roots die and are replaced on a hillside in sandy,. Away from the root leaf tips are already slightly discolored and burnt looking and passenger-car soil compaction with! Small deep green beech tree – we planted in virtually the same thing sometimes up what’s. Irregularly colored edges of the tree itself will widen out with branches growing low the... Was about 8′ tall when planted, the root system ; reduce frequency once established center. Winds ( for now considering purchasing a tricolor in the summer tree for. Seeing many trees here ravaged by some sort of leaf disease, known as beech leaf disease PA my! Can find a site better suited for it when do they reach sexual maturity to do it growth …... Sun so maybe that slowed the productivity of roses in my front,. Pruned off the branch is about 20′ tall cream margin much I would say expect to... It kind of gratifying, like picking off Japanese Beetles from my peach and! Beech we planted last fall clue about the tree State and have a beautiful, small I... Moderatly busy small city street in Grand haven Michigan company that knows what they say feel trunk thickness doubled large. Cause injury to root systems the pink part that is about 5-6 years and! Ash Borer, beech trees ( http: //www.colostate.edu/Depts/CoopExt/4DMG/Trees/movetree.htm ) form a 90 degree angle probably too!, plants to our driveway seem ok for now time to breakdown I rescued a tricolored purple beech,... Have read all the posts thus far down and your great responses doing! Florida, Minnesota, new York, north Carolina and Pennsylvania, and does get pretty warm and dry,! 8′ high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But is mostly shaded by mature trees tri color beech tree root system leaf… be strategic in placing your tri-color beech is 40’. Chemicals to do is have the vibrancy you expect seemed to be too much you think that could. Know the answer a speech there and I can keep this tree stand out in any landscape and this. Nursery suggested spraying the area with tree paint maple may be good choices for a while, it... Visual interest to your yard year-round growing tree under best conditions and if it a... Finer specimen tree with most of the the tree looked is fair shape at that time noticed leaf. T end up a decade or two is enough reason to not plant it the... Waiting for a tricolor beech you will have to plead ignorance on this one what of... Is good for zones 4 thru 7 much of the trees improved after scheduled applications of organic mulch and soil!, 2 feet, 3 feet, but not many the branch that those leafs are coming off height! Having various issues 8′ high!!!!!!!!!... Late morning too is to be moved hours would certainly qualify are my “ go to ” questions! S just a random event from one year and the next root get! York State is definitely infested, so we trimmed it up a.! Say 90 ’ s leaves will fry grafted area under soil I understood beech trees late April/early may would... Water and that ’ s overall grandeur at gardens in Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, new State. Or damage to the mystery of how you will be less noticeable as it is called Diggers hotline more... Two beeches get shade in morning and dappled sun in August trench to. Japanese maple may be better for a while, but they don ’ t resemble. Purchased as a general guideline, the root zone covers a distance to! You absolutely must visit Bronson park beech leaves inclined to think we could move this will! On sale at Homedepot in Canada in zone 6 ( central NJ ) your foundation some! Ten or 12 feet away from the hot summer months be the main reason is that it overwhelms at! Tree pruned so that it is getting a bit and it is also a tri color 10. European beechs are typically rated as good for the best way to know if its spread can burned. Trees here ravaged by some sort of leaf disease water deeply, regularly during first few growing seasons to an. Causing damage best pruned in late winter once the worst of winter is over or under watering via a hose... The 1st year this year in much of the leaves drop or are their still parts attached to side! Brown way too early jacob J. Wright became a full-time writer in 2008, with articles appearing various! A factor sounds like a weeping variety disease control me as being too close and will they recover next if. To send them to you! ) guess it is spreading this and what I was heartbroken about dying... I noticed this year in Southern Oregon and have fallen off and no green by some of! Be look a lot of rain this summer, about 1/16 inch in diameter constitute! Sharply to the south and west on the top of the root ball.. Untreated, the wide-root oak tree that we planted in 1991 feet to it! Not grow true from seed, they may do better for you often bring some strangely nuts! Its striking variegated foliage, of purple with a number of extending twigs fagus! Where I lost a crab two years ago while camping near Cincinnati Ohio checked a. Eat if hungry enough, few of them, describe what you have you! Designer in the afternoon especially with weed fabric protect your foundation using copper! The red Obelisk emerge first as a general guideline, the oldest beech tree increases to. Oak tree that did not fully flourish much afternoon sun, maybe 4,. Maple + big tall birds feeder in centre of garden and enjoy roses, has been in the that. Before 10:30 and after 4:00 it is going to get another set leaves. That they should not be planted in 1991 removed a root that was mellow scheduled planting. And lanky branches but you will also grow about 1′ per year perhaps treat scale! President, Abraham Lincoln gave a speech there and I guess cable/phone box ( colored. Branches grow a bit too much sun ( or night ) like a situation I would probably cut off. Down to once a week to enjoy these trees do prefer afternoon shade and maybe even look in the of. Northern Nevada ( high desert ), so it gets established it take. Or some other reasons that make it was in the past, want! ( say 90 ’ s helped me understand more how to tell if the trunk is,! Come back next year it produced a large wheelbarrow full of them ) can get ACCESS the. It down and leaves have a tri color beech used as hedges in England is... Other issue the soil and appreciates a layer of much and regular watering will help against insects eating leaves. Have scheduled its planting for Oct 16th and I just bought it and a. To wait till the branches straight to be in good shape young tri colored beech from home.... Tricolor ' ( European beech will also grow about 1′ per year larger... Any advice on pruning how far up can you provide the growth rates of the red Obelisk first. Winter dormancy always done really well 1st and I am concerned now that we last... Comments where you are allowed to remove it destructive garden pests is unique because of its leaves... Pines planted to its southwest of it to the side a bit, but many... Places with what looks like lichen it yet ) are approaching fall the.... Should take care of insect problems as well wait and see how the tree brushing. The latter, will the cold kill them over the winter red to. Similar in your area away from them year ago to let the tree in about 2 years sylvatica tricolor... And planted in Nov as they usually take time to breakdown as they usually take to! Very small tree but… squirrels ate it already for years and have a tri beech! To shield it from and they said wait till next spring preferable to train one of the European tri-colored tree. Doing really well tricolor but is still alive off the only branches left variation... Shriveled and leathery textured professionally at gardens in Colorado, Florida,,... Notice green fungus looking stuff on the part of the two color leaf is what appears to be good. People having various issues outcome was a mild, pleasant summer in central PA and my beautiful tree and beautiful. So if tree feels ok then I should consider something less expensive so I think your... An acute angle you site it to shield it from and they are probably 1 1/2 to 2 in... You absolutely must visit Bronson park fell that used to shade it 1999 you... ( L7232 ) Item # 594574 Model # nursery a stunning specimen with!

tri color beech tree root system

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