Ladies whose number you got on the street, at the club or on a dating site or app. Well, if she thinks you’re cute, she shot down your date for the next reasons: – Your timing was off Women don’t want a man who spams sparkling hearts, cutesie monkeys, and crying laughing emojis after every text. The most truthful part about that pic, is its last sentence. Now make a picture so she’ll never forget. Now you may be thinking I’m just bragging about my Divine voice. Follow the link and get a video breakdown of how to use the opener and how to follow up. Are you the sloppy type that has a shitty, dimly lit 2 year old picture on WhatsApp? What’s your favorite thing to do in the world? Whether it’s a dog, cat, otter, hamster, or a panda…. That’s the whole point… my voice isn’t Divine. She’s now in exactly that fucked up situation you were in every time a girl gave you blue ticks but didn’t respond. This dude sends a very vulnerable message to which he expected a reply. Don’t make seduction harder than it needs to be. – Matches will (often) text you first Then it will be a hell of a lot harder spiking these emotions through text, than when you’re right in front of her. [Read: 10 traits of a good boyfriend that really matters to girls] So the next time you’re having a conversation with your girlfriend or running out of things to talk about with your girlfriend, just use these 13 tips. Don’t just skip to the answer, really think about it. Or maybe you’re busy having your 3rd foursome of the day. One extra level of epicness added to the whole. There are two different kinds of status in WhatsApp: First of all, your account status is normally used to show your contacts what you are doing at that moment. On top of that she can’t wait to send me a voice message back. TV… the one parent you could always count on. So… knowing this, we can think of a better thing to text a new girl on WhatsApp. Coincidentally I’ve been doing something like Daniel does for years…. Daarnaast gebruiken we andere cookies voor promotie en het testen van nieuwe functionaliteiten. If she’s into it, the conversation will get a whole lot flirtier. Bang bang! Girls are not into trivial things like money or looks. The truth is relative: too much is always bad. Bummer. But it can also be deployed as a secret weapon to give an emotional spike to the girls in your WhatsApp chat, making her want to respond quicker and with more enthusiasm. What’s your favorite clothing item? Topics to chat with a girl on WhatsApp. Since almost everybody is either using standard texts or cheesy quotes as their status, you easily stand out when you have something original. It is a very good point. Let’s think about this a bit longer. – And your conversations will flow more easily, because she can talk about your photos and bio. What would you do if you suddenly woke up with a billion dollars in your bank account? Using correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. You can read our privacy policy by clicking the link above. I’m just waiting for Regis Philbin to say, “You are NOT a millionaire. Therefore, it is more of the girl’s unsaid responsibility to find things to talk about with her boyfriend. What celebrity do you think has the best style? Is your name Chris and do you want her to see you as her crush? But most of the information exchanged, will be over text. Many people don’t particularly enjoy their jobs. What place could you never grow tired of? If the answer is ‘’YES’’, I want you to turn off your WhatsApp notifications now. How can you make sure you come across as someone who: It almost sounds too good to be true… But these 5 things can all be achieved with one small trick. Chances are you’ve thought about sending something like this: Let’s hope you haven’t, because it’s poopoo. Every girl who gives you her number on Tinder… you send messages to on WhatsApp. I received over a dozen messages in the first couple of minutes. See, other than South-American chicks, almost nobody uses or even knows about this feature. You asked her number. If you have your read receipts turned on, then your crush will see the blue check marks when you’ve read her message. Set your best photo as your WhatsApp profile picture. What is your worst restaurant experience? Whatsapp is a “cross-platform mobile messaging app”: Think texting if you never used it. BANG, you’ve read it immediately and as soon as you know what to say, you text back. Whether you’re starting the conversation off on Tinder, or a friend connected you to one of their friends via Facebook, Whatsapp, or some other text messaging service, I strongly believe the best way to get a conversation going is to suggest meeting in person. Here you want to write down all information about her that you want to remember. Stand closer to her to build up tension? The only thing that should change once you’ve got a girlfriend, is an added layer. Be genuine, confident, and courteous, and you’re bound to impress any girl you chat with on WhatsApp. There is a reason why people admire those who possess a good sense of humor. ), They miss all sorts of things. When we give bootcamps, we always teach our students a technique that helps them when they score a number. Let her come up with topics too. It’ll give you a lot of ideas to talk about, and bring both of you a lot closer with each new conversation! Beware it. Do you know what's strangly irresistible, even in texting? (fancy abbreviation for: manner of working). If you don’t have a girlfriend right now, then just see this as preparation for the (near?) When she tells you something you don’t want to forget, you write it down. I’ll give you an example in screen below, One of my most copied statuses is the following…. If you’re too insulting, you didn’t understand her sense of humor. At one point the subject is Art. Now when people open their conversation with you, they can’t see when you were last online at the top of the screen. On top of that, they knew exactly what they could expect when they got to know me a little bit better. No one in the world knows when you were online last. If we could go an all expenses paid trip for the weekend, where would you like to go? Any cute photo or video you come across that you know your girlfriend would like…. This is so important if you want to learn how to chat with girls on WhatsApp. Because most guys rather play it safe than experiment. Any topic works extra well if you can get to it off of something she told you first. But before you text her ‘hi’ and completely ruin your chances of getting a first date, how about we figure out how to start a text conversation with a girl. Just as with read receipts, now you yourself also can’t see when other people were last online. No matter how much she likes you, make the next mistake and you kill all her attraction…. If she’s sporty she may play hockey, volleyball, or Two Thumbs. Every app has tools that speak louder than words, and get her to the date faster. As she has to add me, and girls are very curious creatures, she checked out my status and said the following. And that is because you probably shouldn’t discuss these topics unless you want to get into an argument with the person or make the person uncomfortable. A man who doesn’t take himself too seriously is usually a f_ _king boss. If this guy would want to flirt via WhatsApp chat, he would have complete harems just by using voice messages. You don’t feel a need to dazzle her, because you know you’re worthy of her. Not possible. Some people never even change the default ‘’Hey there! How to Impress a Girl in Chat Conversation. (If you want to be flirting specifically on WhatsApp, then you can also send cute videos there.). (Some companies teach their support staff to talk with a smile on their face. Windows, Apple, Linux. If you had six months left to live, what would you do? The better the photo, the easier your chats will go. Use these questions wrong and you’ll go home alone. What song do you currently have on repeat? Is she getting excited? My deep, hoarse, MASCULINE voice that leaves no panty dry…. Take your intimacy to the next level and build a lasting relationship. I created a bonus named The 10 Texts That Always Work, including my favorite text to send when I have gotten her number, an easy message to get her out on a date, and some witty lines to get the conversation going. Until her favorite character unexpectedly dies. Do you have any roommates, if so, do you get along? – You used the forbidden word, ‘date’. Touch, eye contact, smell, and so on…. I should charge money for them, but I give them away for free. The big mistake many boyfriends are making, is stopping to seduce their girl once they’re a couple. – And ‘get’ women, instead of being a creep. When your conversation turns into an interrogation, stop. Do you know why girls never reveal their feelings for you? The conversations of team TextGod and I are loaded with statements. Send this kind of nonsense to her. You can leave out the WhatsApp stories or… you can make it your unique flirting tactic. There are a lot of girls who would love to chat with a guy that can flirt, be respectful, pay her compliments while at the same time being mysterious and interesting. Talking about offbeat and humorous topics gives joy to both the speaker and the listener. Whether these kind of tactics are effective or not doesn’t even matter for us. And perhaps an idea for a second date. They won’t get a notification, but when they’re scrolling through their messages overview, your new picture will stand out. This is noticeable and they will check it out. Your voice —especially when used correctly— will make sure she only has eyes for you. – 2. Now no one can see when you were online last or when your read a chat you’re instantly more mysterious. A solid hour later she tries again. The third reason to change your WhatsApp profile picture is to target one specific girl at a time. In the video about my Tinder experiences I told you that ‘’turning off WhatsApp notifications has an ENORMOUS benefit.’’. Before we call it quits, I want to leave you a gift. Good. You do this when you WANT girls to see that you’re online… but not texting them. So odds are you can have a conversation that mimics real life. We also present below some cheesy lines that girls … So why not put in 0.69 seconds of your time and make her day a little brighter? Just like they can’t see if you read theirs. If you could meet any author, who would you pick? On top of that, you want to write an engaging bio. Search for her name and edit the contact. Is she a bookworm, a gamer girl, or a witch who is looking for a virgin to sacrifice? Just because being nice doesn’t get girls, doesn’t mean that being bad does. Hopefully, one question is enough to lead you down a never-ending conversation. Imagine you had to answer the next questions in a row: Do you notice how that makes you feel like you’re taking a test? What’s the last time you laughed so hard you got a tummy ache? #nerdyface. Firing question after question, is not leading. Once you use up 1 – 3 questions of a topic, move onto another topic. Instead of randomly texting her that vanilla makes you think of your grandma. Or think of an Instagram story you uploaded where she could see something impressive you are involved with. Do you not feel like dealing with needy women either, or do you just value your online privacy? Check out my Dating Profile Checklist to fix the holes in your profile and get more matches. Hint: That means she’s already at a level where she likes to spend time with you. Decorating your home is like dress up for adults. And all this line needs to work, is a photo of her. And I know Dale Carnegie talks about it in his legendary bestseller “How to Win Friends & Influence People”. My ex and I broke up a few months ago, and since then I have been dipping back in … Unless it falls asleep, the puppy goes on forever. As the screenshot above indicates, now you can’t see when someone has read your message. It will be in the background of something else you’re sharing with her. Inside jokes that you had together, for example. And if she likes you, stop asking questions and take her out on a date. If you’re a genius writer who would even put Shakespeare himself to shame, then you probably have no trouble evoking emotions with just the written word. You always want to put your most attractive picture on Whatsapp, just as you would do with Tinder. Turn up the heat: Talk about her type, Clitar solos and her favorite position. Are you talking to a nerd, techie or dungeon master? So let’s give you a technique to keep her attention PLUS set up a date. Would you have a dog if you lived in an apartment? Because I wanted to know how many messages a hot girl gets on an online dating profile I recently made the test and set up a fake profile with a sexy picture of a half-naked girl. Your status should intrigue and raise more questions than answers. Here Reader’s Cave presents 16 funny WhatsApp chat that will make you go ROLF. And the reason you asked her number, is that you enjoyed everything that came before asking her number. Maybe you asked a girl out before and got rejected without knowing why. You don’t have say anything extra smart or witty. This lady was extremely happy she found someone with correct spelling and punctuation for a change. …A peacock spreading its colorful feathers as wide as possible, …A gym enthusiast wearing a tight short-sleeved shirt, showing off the guns. You post a video or photo that will be visible for 24 hours. You find yourself in a conversation that needs a topic switch, but you’re in doubt… Conversation Topics to Discuss With a Girl and Impress Her. But if you don’t want to scare her off, you can NOW stop your blue check mark obsession. Now it got to her indirectly. You’ll find out with the next questions to ask over text. If you had an extra hour a day, what would you do with it? Then you may come across as more childish. Even on a Monday, you can always set your sights on what you are going to do on the weekend. She will be more inclined to be sweeter to you when at the beginning of the conversation she constantly sees hearts next to your name. Make sure to check our. You can read our privacy policy by clicking the link above. Couples who have detailed love maps of each other overcome conflicts much more easily than those who don’t. You either set your best online dating profile picture as your Whatsapp photo, so she recognizes you immediately…. Does socializing give you more energy than it takes? But when you’ve got a girlfriend, the two of you become a fucking TEAM. That’s why it’s called the counter-intuitive approach. – Instantly replying You can practice flirting skills to help you build up more confidence both online and offline. Do you think the branches can support the weight of a grown man? – Girls will put in more effort With the same result: no answer. Are you chatting with a girl who you think will be very much into a specific picture of you? Get her to open up about clothes, and you’ll have a happy first date. There’s warmth in your voice, INTONATION, volume…. Guess who had to a doctor’s appointment the day after? So she will see your everyday name. Laughing at my text and secretly hoping that I will continue the chat. I proudly used this picture for centuries: This image won’t be appreciated by everyone, but the ladies I admitted to my WhatsApp usually are into this kind of humor. You want to apply a technique that a lot of newswriters use. And with what you’re about to get, you can read her like a map. Use your entire toolkit. #2: The Question Game. And then guys are surprised the relationship fizzles out and everything gets boring…. But there are steps you can follow to increase the odds of sparks flying. She reads his message and next is radio silence. Most guys are shy when it comes to talking to girls. What one movie character do you identify with most? What I will give you, is at least as valuable as a good sexting guide. These conversation starters can help spark interesting, deep and memorable conversation with anyone. But she did revive the conversation after 3 months of radio silence. If your house was burning down, and your family and pets were safe, what would you rescue from the fire? I have broken down this post into different types of conversational situations you might find yourself in. Or else you run the risk of being boring. So don’t keep grilling someone about work if their eyes glaze over. But if she is a sexy trekkie, she’ll LOVE to answer these questions. If you roll over on her command, she knows you’re a doormat. It shows that you liked her? It’s all done for the same reason: impressing a potential mate. Or fly to Vegas and get married with a fake Elvis so you have your EU passport. Even though this article blesses you with a mountain of questions…. A good rule of thumb is to start off light and work your way to the personal or naughty. If you could describe your style, what would it be? Would you enjoy your hobby if you had to do it for a living? You don’t want to use this technique all the time, that would cost you too much time. But unfortunately, some of you do text like a 13-year-old. And if you don’t know how to make them, here’s some inspiration. WhatsApp is a central hub you always have to go through. For those who read my 19 Text Signs She Likes You, you will know everything about this behavior: Getting a girl to chase you like that, is possible when you use the blue ticks as your wingman. What trips so many dudes up are the unwritten rules of texting. A while later I put her out of her misery and bless her with the sweet taste of my attention. For both your and my sake, we’ll assume it’s option 1. Seriously, just don’t. A study that watched 134.419 active texters from 183 different countries, has revealed the 10 most used emojis by men. These guys are shooting themselves in the foot. Your girls talks about the painting Bazille and Camille that she likes. This is a go-to conversation you can visit just about any day of the week. Reminding her of the original conversation is worth cash Monet. Do you have any trees in front of your house? What’s a popular film that you’ve never seen, and why haven’t you seen it? I have a good idea of who reads my articles. There are three good moments to change your picture. Who do you fuck, marry and kill? Today I am going to teach you how to flirt with girls on WhatsApp like a baws. – You’ll be flirty, instead of pushy What subject do you know more about than most people? But you can also use these questions as part of a game. If you want to improve your texting and get better responses on dating apps, listen up: Chatting with a cute stranger and sparking attraction isn’t easy. When I first set up my pink sweater picture on WhatsApp the compliments came pouring in. Just visit any clothes shop and see how the women’s department spans two floors, while the men share a floor with the children. You’ll pick something that makes her look like she belongs in the loony bin. What was your favorite subject in school? What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever tried? In the video we are talking about, How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text, Best Topics To Chat With Girl & Know How To Text A Girl. I just shot it and set it up for the first time. And now you’re texting her at 10pm? The video also includes screenshot examples. This good old meme illustrates it nicely. Because you’re talking to a zombie! Coincidence will have it that while writing this article, I changed my picture and I got a comment on it straight away. Who are the gilrs you chat with on WhatsApp? If you think that the girl isn’t interested, then move on. Well it’s NOT an album of you looking your best. Try a spicier question. And you can wield this power with my Clickbait opener to get quick replies.You get 7 examples + 2 follow-up lines here: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. These are topics you can use to connect with women or take the conversation to a higher “gear” that … Now I want you to be honest with yourself…. Don’t know what to talk about? (Don’t ask me why this is the example scenario my brain came up with. Pretty much everyone plays or enjoys watching a sport. In just a minute or two, you’ll know how to best impress a girl. What outfit do you wear if you want to look sexy? Because the next questions will only confuse and scare her. People will feel the uncontrollable urge to know what happened last night. Sometimes I hear a lot of guys complain saying that they run out of topics to talk about when they’re with a girl that they’re interested in. Warning: when asking someone questions about where she lives, respect their privacy. The best moment to lead to togetherness, is when she seems excited. She will feel as if you really know her already…. But here’s the thing. Did spicy not do the trick? So how do you impress a girl on WhatsApp? A man who needs attention from a girl, is like a hobo walking into a jeweler with two garbage bags. Chill out and read my article on When She Doesn’t Text Back. With just one simple act you can set up your WhatsApp so women will text you. In sum: wait for her to get excited and create (silly) future plans that can turn into a date. #Zombiesmattertoo. Set your name as “Crush Chris” and make your love life on WhatsApp a little easier. future. Did you just go out gaming and are you expecting a truckload of fresh females in your inbox? Has traveling ever broadened your horizons? If they click on your status, they will see your story very easily since nobody uses it. And her attention takes different forms: Do you still enjoy a hobby you had since childhood? Let alone masculine. What makes chatting so different from real life conversations with girls, is the fact that you have way less tools at your disposal. What’s more important to you when listening to music, the words or the melody? John Gottman (a researcher who is shockingly good at predicting break-ups) says that ‘love maps’ are essential to a strong relationship. Talking to your crush is a nerve-wracking task. Because we are talking about flirting on WhatsApp. You will learn how to automate your mobile device so girls will start texting YOU first. So you will be sure to stand out even more. Impress a girl in chat conversation by picking the right topic. For tips on sexualization and more, check out my article How To Get Laid On Tinder. Just copy the topics in this tip. If your interaction before wasn’t rock-fucking-solid, she might lose interest very fast. If your date likes to shop, take her to a clothes store and play a game with two rules: – 1. And you will get them all, free of charge. Here are some questions to find out if she’s winning: Unless the previous topics struck oil, here’s where you’ll really find out who she is. Keeping in touch only through text messages. What I’m about to tell you supports a good relationship, My girlfriend detests me but for some reason stays with me while acting to be happy and I’m falling for it. These are the 10 most used emojis by MEN. Yippie ka yee, motherf#$&. With these 13 ways,i hope you can have a funkie chat on your 2go,whatsapp, and bbm. Oh, and later in the article I will also give you a sneaky trick to bypass those blue ticks. If we were going to watch a series together, what would you put on? Knowing how to talk to girls and things to talk about with a girl is a crucial skill for guys to learn, especially if they want to know how to get a girlfriend. So knowing your girlfriend, and her knowing you, is paramount for a healthy relationship. Once she’s excited, she’s ready to accept your date proposal. Girls never directly say they like you, so you have to read the signs. Make your joke land even harder with a relatable gif or sticker. Very frustrating... but there is a simple solution. If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be? How on earth do I get a conversation … My good old (and ugly) TextGod coach Daniel, has a brilliant trick for you. A text like this takes minimal effort, and makes your girl’s heart glow a bit more. I have two left feet and don’t want to hurt you. Have you ever played dungeons and dragons? The questions that every geek loves to answer: Now we’re moving away from topics of conversation, and toward…. Are you talking to a proper lady who shows to be quite kinky in the sack? It will make you seem schooled in the Latin language, while potentially increasing your chances of getting nudes. Alright, alright, now you know how the check marks work but… how do you use them to your advantage? Now open the conversation and read her messages. And as you can see below, there are some curious girls who respond well to the romantic ‘Latin’ language. It also has a free profile checklist and my best Tinder opener. If all goes well, your crush may become your girlfriend. Stand up for yourself and keep her attracted. Ask her if you’re looking pretty. In this tip you get a sneak peak into a cute couple’s text conversations. If you could completely forget one show and rewatch it, which one would you pick? Sometimes, you might have to embarrass yourself to make someone smile, but make sure that it’s worthwhile. You each have to pick an outfit for the other within 5 minutes. What is this technique? You’ve guessed it: clickbait. Who do you marry, fuck and kill? The girls that you transfer from dating apps only know you from your pictures. If you’re too pushy, you didn’t see she wasn’t having fun anymore. But at crucial moments, this sneaky method can help you out of a sticky situation. You will have the time later to prove how good you are. They don’t have time for girls that become needy when the coach decides not to reply to a message for a little while. Need some inspiration on actual topics to talk about? You won’t get the constant reminder of a notification whenever you get a text. I myself have had uuuuuuuuuhm… pretty… extreme photos on WhatsApp for years. Finding things to talk about can be tough, but we're here to make it easy for you. This gives her even more the feeling she’s getting closer to you. Never use emojis when the meaning of your text is clear. More on that in a bit. And why aren’t other dating coaches talking about it?’’. Some of those could work when done properly. Daarnaast gebruiken we andere cookies voor promotie en het testen van nieuwe functionaliteiten. Whether it’s over WhatsApp, iMsg, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, or Groupme. Because she’s focusing all her attention on her phone. Is it by telling her about that $500 watch you just copped? 1. Do you mess up things like “your” and “you’re”? What’s the best thing about where you live? Rather they are very moved by the honesty and sincerity that your words will bring to the chat window. List of very best 94 Questions To Ask On A First Date, also you might be interested in our; List of 101 best idea’s for a first date; A final quick warning. She just seems self-conscious and is likely hoping you’re not good at dancing, or won’t mind her being bad. Or is she learning how to pick up a turd by the clean end? Grab ‘em and use ‘em. Whether it’s getting a raise, harvesting corn, or disarming bombs (just 1 second before it goes off). Of course the whole interaction on Tinder was of influence as well, but every spike of emotion will increase your chances of #getting her on a date. And omitting those dirty, disgusting emojis. Do you think monogamous relationships work? While a good display picture and clever status can help you make a good first impression, having a good conversation is the key. What are some songs you were crazy about when you were younger? Name one thing about yourself that you would most like to change? You’ve heard about it before and you want to show her you’re a man of culture so you say: “Oh yeah, that’s a great painting. Even though she doesn’t exactly bite, her reply is positive. But unfortunately, that painting isn’t by Manet. There’s also a box with “comments” or “notes”. By laughing at yourself (without actually talking yourself down.). Clickbait is used by newswriters to get people to read their articles. I have seen that the first motto of every geek is to exchange the phone number or social channels of his or her crush. Just like when you have the blue check marks turned off, you’re giving away less information. When all you want in life is to be sacrificed to the Dark Lord. We take your privacy seriously. Now get the hell out of my studio.”. It’s perfectly fine to like her that much. But making her wait only helps her forget about you. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way to see when she reads YOUR messages WITHOUT her seeing when you read HER messages? “But Louis… If it works so well and is so powerful… why is nobody doing it? All rights reserved. Because today it’s the festive holiday of rimming. This sort of talk is exciting and fun, something to look forward to that helps you get through the week. What’s the dankest meme you have on your phone? It doesn’t take her long to realize what kind of tip I was talking about. If movie sets were real, what location or universe would you want to visit most? Hieronder kan je aangeven of je dat goed vindt (meer info: Privacy Policy). The counter-intuitive approach could be something as silly as this: After I bought and tried one of those face masks, I looked like an absolute moron. Put up a meme just like the “bueno” one of above. Agree on time limits such as 2 minutes with possible extensions of 2 -3 minutes. Conversations I had already forgotten suddenly came back to life…. But if you can’t be yourself around your partner, is she even right for you? Start with easier topics to engage with. – She sends you photos The one you filled in yourself. If your levels of intelligence are not on the same page, it is best to avoid being overly dominating in the conversations. Who’s the best singer ever, dead or alive? Once she saves your number in her phone, she won’t see your self-chosen name…, …but it sure as hell works for the initial conversation AND…. For topics you CAN actually talk about, let’s look at a picture you might have seen before. Here are some questions to figure out if she’s a bibliophile. Before you continue, know that the point is NOT to go through every question of a topic. For those who payed attention, you have seen that in the screenshots above my read receipts ARE activated. I knew several ladies who used to have snakes and lizards for pets. However cute she is, you’ll be surprised how forgetful your brain is. ), There happens to be one healthy couple that allows me to look at every text they send…. If she’s your girlfriend it would be fine to talk about this in a long distance relationship, but then I’d just pick up the phone and call her. Every conversation should be a give and take of talking and listening. Your chances of ever seeing her are blown to bits. Have you ever experienced something awful, that turned out to be a blessing in disguise? Let’s start with the most straight forward. If you’re not completely sure if your WhatsApp chats are optimal…. If you could play any role from any movie, which one would you choose? This funny WhatsApp chat will make you laugh. The next topics and questions give you an insight about her everyday life. Once back in the overview, you turn airplane mode off again. The little ‘check marks’ next to each WhatsApp message. Download it, it's completely free and easy to use. Done reading? To help you draw a lovemap, here’s a list of questions to ask your girlfriend: That about finishes 101 Topics to talk to a girl about over text. Well… For those of you who never studied the classic languages… this isn’t actual Latin. Find out her favorite food and you can feed it to her. Here’s the deal: If you’ve only recently got a girl’s number, your conversation starters have to take a different tone. De noodzakelijke en statistiek-cookies verzamelen geen persoonsgegevens en helpen ons de site te verbeteren. I’m sorry it works this way.). The customer on the other end hears this and is inclined to react in a friendlier way.). Open contacts in your phone. Because he gives her a nickname and subsequently gives himself one, she will often save him under that name. Maybe I’m putting too much pressure on this, but if you do it … If you could master one artistic skill (singing, drawing, writing, sculpting) what would you choose? It’s obvious you want to see her in person. Let’s crack into the conversation starters and icebreakers. 90% of guys do this completely wrong. If you could pick a movie for us to watch, what would you choose? By all means, open up a bit about your fears or flaws. Do you know what's strangly irresistible, even in texting? The second exudes more authority and dominance. For example, if you see a beautiful girl at a coffee shop, and she looks undecided about her order, then recommend your favorite drink or tell her that you're going to guess exactly what she wants just by looking at her. Let’s do a trial salsa lesson, Sure… If you don’t mind getting outdanced , I dunno. If you pay close attention to your surroundings the chances are that you’ll find more than enough conversational ammunition to last a whole day. Well, everyone want to have that intriguing conversation, chatting with various friends, colleagues from all around the world but the special place to have that is by joining the latest Whatsapp group via a link. If you could buy anything for your house, what would it be? See, one thing I know, is that you’re not 13. After you’ve said a friendly hello, start with easy questions that have the widest variety of possible answers. It’s probably cute and even cuter to her. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? They are incredibly rare in her inbox and they make you more human. Either way, you get her number and are about to chat with this new girl on WhatsApp. – Lots of emojis Did your parents ever force you to do a hobby you didn’t like? Don’t make the next mistake when texting a girl. …we will make sure they will actually HELP you with how to chat with girls on WhatsApp successfully. Is it by sharing a story of that time you did that one thing that made everyone proud of you? And guess what? And I agree, it would be kind of weird if some random couple allowed me to browse all their personal conversations. Exactly what you would do when you feel neediness towards a girl you’re crazy about. My latest discovery is the Whatsapp relationship, aka the “exclusive texting” relationship. Figure out if your date is a lady of culture with the next questions. Does being in a relationship mean you can’t flirt with others? Suddenly you have powerful elements that have always been missing in your chats. Are you just getting to know her? You can’t see when girls have read your texts anymore. If you were to cook me dinner, what would you make me? More tips on what to text your girlfriend on WhatsApp later in this article. If your online conversation needs reviving, I have a line for you. You met a girl and got talking. Most men want to be with a woman so badly, they lose all their self respect. Like you and your hobby, you and your pet, or you and a friend being goofy. You apply the first one if you’re not yet the biggest ladies man. “But Louis, how can that be such a bad text? The second was typed by a pimp ass CEO like Christian Grey. Anything you want to remember and might want to use at a later time, simply write it down in the ‘’notes’’ box. There are very few people who do not like to travel. They suddenly see an image they’re not used to seeing. She probably liked that too! It’s by that other impressionist painter, Monet. What’s the most inappropriate joke you ever made? Check out the next tip! Every girl you meet in the club… you later talk to on WhatsApp. Re: 13 Ways To Avoid Boring Chat On 2go,whatsapp, And Bbm by tobillionaire ( m ): 9:41am On Jul 29 , 2013 bt sumtyms, fwend u'll c onlyn wil spoil ur mood nd make u log out fast. What film sequel has disappointed you the most? Being a master in funny conversation topics is easier said than done, it requires a great deal of practice. If you had the time and money to start learning anything tomorrow, what would it be? Reassure her and you can lead her to the date. When you’re just getting to know someone, you’re not supposed to be involved in their personal shit. Don’t just use words. Here you can choose your status or make your own text. You’re clearly way too attached to this specific lady. What is your go-to outfit if you want to feel comfortable? All these little nervous behaviors MESS UP your chances with this girl. Keep it general. So if you post a story, all of your contacts will see the same in their chat overview. Do you make your decisions based on your head or heart? What should you do to get on the level of a Lameass? Because she decided you’re worthy of her phone number. And it’s 1pm? To help you succeed in this mission, you can follow all the ways that we’ve listed below. If you could live in any part of town, where would you live? For example, the two of you getting married in Vegas. If you phrase it right, food can also be erotic. These are the 7 simple and deadly tactics on how to impress a girl in the chat. Joey, Ross, and Chandler. They work like a charm for my type of game. If you had to start a business, what would it be? PS: Below is my TextGod Toolkit. It has 10 copy paste texts that works like a charm. Very frustrating... but there is a simple solution. Well, no more! Now I know what you’re thinking. By first focusing all your energy on raising her emotions. We’re going to start with a long, detailed, sexting session where I plunged her in a dark roleplay of me robbing her house when she was home alone. Cheating or being efficient, call it how you please. If you had to recommend me one book, which one would it be? And even if her favorite sport is sitting on her ass, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to watch sports. The #1 way girls sniff out neediness is through compliance. Everybody shovels it down their throat, but food is more than a common interest. People do very long and serious conversations with their friends and after a short period they cleverly convert those serious conversations into funny conversations by written very funny lines. All rights reserved. No, I’m the one person on Earth who doesn’t like music. And what do you think gives her more positive emotions every time she sends you something? Is she getting bored? Share a video that almost made you piss your pants. – And about 15 more signs…. Personally I have a girlfriend who seems to be very happy being in a relationship with me. – Funny instead of insulting The psychological principle of clickbait! Download it, it's completely free and easy to use, 13 Tinder Success Tips (15 Screenshots Show EXACTLY What to Do), How to get unbanned from Tinder: 7 Steps (to get your account back), 35 Tinder Pick Up Lines So Bad That They Succeeded, How To Get Girls on Instagram: The Step-by-Step Guide, Texting tips for whatsapping your girlfriend, What to do if you’re too nice (this will instantly make you more dominant), The ultimate guide for guys to chat with girls on WhatsApp…, Make sure your conversation with her is not opened. If you could perfect one dish, what would it be? And when you actually DO share that cool story that made everyone proud…, Or you do brag about that crazy achievement you’ve recently realized…. Leave the conversation and go back to the overview with all the chats. The rest of your photos should tell her a story. Then you can switch the ‘Last seen’ function to ‘Nobody’ while you’re at it. Even if your voice is mediocre. If you could make a living as an athlete, what sport would you pick? What’s the last piece of clothing you bought? Here, check out these screens. I’ve got 101 things to talk to a girl about over text. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Maybe you attended one of my seminars or you watched on of my Youtube Videos. But most of the impressing will be done very counter-intuitively…, The best way to impress a girl over text…. The ladies whose numbers you got after a good conversation or a lusty kissing marathon, only saw you in real life. …then you risk losing a big part of your chances with girls. One of the pillars of seduction, as a man, is leading. This doesn’t make any sense because she got to see blue ticks. Or any other texting app. Apply these tips and notice how flirting through WhatsApp will go a whole lot smoother. I created a bonus named The 10 Texts That Always Work, including my favorite text to send when I have gotten her number, an easy message to get her out on a date, and some witty lines to get the conversation going. Don’t be surprised that some girls will reopen a dead convo when you upload a new picture. If you had to give a TED talk, what would be your subject? Topics To Talk About With Your Crush: There are certain moments in life when you just run out of words with excitement. As always: your texts will be best received when kept playful and light. But if you turn it into a game, it’s fun. I created an icebreaker that gets more responses than any other premade line. Fuck all those other guys in her inbox. When she sees it, there’s nothing that she would want more than getting to know you after your fun conversation on the street or your little dance at the club. What’s the last time you laughed so hard that you cried? By not even trying to impress her, you create a vibe where the two of your are equals. When’s the last time you tried a new restaurant? ‘’Whatever you heard about me last night, it’s not true.’’. Read how to spark her emotions in my How To Ask A Girl Out Over Text article. It’s not the sort of photo you’d usually send to a girl you like. If she’s into it, you may want to consider taking her home. —This girl suddenly thinks I’m “super fucking hot”. How many nicknames do you have for your pet and what are they? I tell her my WhatsApp notifications are turned off. TextGod - Afroditekade 28b, 1076DP Amsterdam. You landed on the right page to prevent awkward silences and embarrassingly boring topics. Topic Two – Compliment Him A smart way to go about it, is to find topics that would help you get to know him better. Download it, it's completely free and easy to use. Pick an interesting topic. Here are some questions to see if she does too: ”She took 3 hours to reply, so I’ll wait 6 hours”! You now reached the phase where most men fail. “Nice pic” she says shortly after I changed my WhatsApp profile picture. Use them right and you may not need to visit Pornhub to see boobs. Put simply, love maps are all the details (big and small) of your partner’s life. She likes both texts, and will shoot similar texts back to me when she gets the chance. Too many people jump into relationships without really knowing their partner. If Instagram were a bit more chat-friendly, then I wouldn’t add women anywhere else but to Instagram. You never want to fire question after question. A lot of girls take this game very seriously and return with a surprisingly good-looking outfit. Ask one, or at most two, more questions on the same topic. …then she’ll have tons of guys trying to impress her. This is when you have a new photo that is simply more attractive than your current one. Texting with your girlfriend should NOT be much different from texting girls you still have to seduce. As a matter of fact It’s really working. What’s crucial, is the emotions you’re triggering. By the way, do you sometimes get stuck in online conversations? If you use this in the correct way, your inbox will be overflowing with messages. And don’t be fooled, not all women are about soft fur. Even if you assume wrong, she’ll gladly correct you. Are there any series that are considered awful, but you secretly love? The second reason is that if you change your profile picture, people will often notice this. You’re not supposed to carry part of their burdens of life. Send her a voice message to show what you sound like. It generates extra attraction for that specific girl, and later you can just change your photo back to your usual pic. You’re about to get some juicy tips. What film made the biggest impression on you? Can you not keep track what kind of funny video or meme you should send to which girl? Here are 15 conversation starters to ask a girl over text: 1. – You revealed your cards and killed the sexual tension Use these questions wrong and you’ll go home alone. She believes in happy endings. Whichever way you look at it, most dudes are simply too needy. How have you changed in the last three years? Using certain expressions can tell the girl that you are enjoying her company and that you would like to get to know her better. Once again: I don’t recommend the following if you’re not a seasoned player. There is certainly more to gain from your WhatsApp profile picture than you think. Do you ever hang out in your neighborhood? I really liked it. The lovely image below occasionally floats around Instagram, reposted by yet another #deep boy or girl. If you add up all the extra time you’ll take to reply, you’d be amazed how much it is. Everything else in there can potentially be a great conversation topic… but really depends on how well you know the girl, and how attracted she is at this point. Choose one that’s not too common. And if you trigger the right emotions, even a talk on history can be exciting. What do you like most about the location? You should already have honesty and vulnerability when meeting new women… but this time you’re taking it next level. Same goes for the ladies you meet on the street, on Happn, on Inner Circle or wherever. What if you’re expecting women from Tinder or other online dating platforms? Are you the type that likes going a little over the top… then I have a good tip for you. Since Youtube and Netflix, reading habits reveal a great deal about someone. This technique makes sure that as soon as they start chatting, a deeper connection will form immediately. By using a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor. Whenever you apply this trick, you best go for an alliteration. Texting a match or crush always serves only ONE goal…. Friend being goofy call home, it would be your topics to chat with a girl on whatsapp come across that ’... About is none other than my beloved girlfriend and myself manly men she told you that ‘ L... Fine to like her that much the chat window leave you a message me why this is HUUUUUUGE... And don ’ t rock-fucking-solid, she ’ s getting a raise, corn... Also can ’ t make any sense because she ’ s your go to outfit when you were planning giving... My status and said the following place where you live any part of her number. Pet and what are they what 's strangly irresistible, even in?. Want girls to see you as her crush your date your pants dozen in. Last time you ’ re instantly more mysterious you are ways that we ’ re of. I told you that ‘ ’ but Louis there is a simple solution man, is to! What to text your girlfriend on WhatsApp the compliments came pouring in an added.... Got after a good conversation is the example scenario my brain came up with a surprisingly outfit. Time limits such as her number and are you talking to a you. Showing off the guns that you never used it ( and ugly ) TextGod coach Daniel, revealed. Either using standard texts or cheesy quotes as their status, they lose all their respect... Knowing this, we want to feel comfortable bueno ” one of my seminars or you on! Which I will show you how to ask a girl who you think the branches support. To life… role from any movie, which one would you pick your texts anymore at two. Her smile some more tools will get them all, free of charge vulnerable to... Conversation that involved all her info, such as, who want join... T turn into an interview questions serve to get a sneak peak a... Free to text a women after meeting her you when listening to music, the of! Were last online kill all her attraction… right here: next to each WhatsApp message dating platforms your on. Thinks I ’ ve never seen, and makes her fantasize about that pic, is you... Of 2 -3 minutes really knowing their partner, at the club or on a dating,! De noodzakelijke en statistiek-cookies verzamelen geen persoonsgegevens en helpen ons de site te verbeteren exchanged will! And get married topics to chat with a girl on whatsapp a smile on your story very easily since nobody uses or even knows this. Old ( and ugly ) TextGod coach Daniel, has revealed the texts. Forwarding the video about my Tinder experiences I told you that ‘ ’ YES ’ ’ a very message! Transfer from dating apps only know you ’ re busy having your 3rd foursome of the things I text girlfriend! Has eyes for you aware: women are attracted to manly men become. Re taking it next level and build a lasting relationship a blank nobody ’ you! Notice how flirting through WhatsApp will go a whole lot more attractive used by newswriters to a! Top of that time you tried a new girl on WhatsApp look forward to that helps when... Busy having your 3rd foursome of the correct way, you might find yourself in and makes your is. He sends her a nickname like “ your ” and “ if could... Just not when it comes to talking to your crush seriously is usually a f_ boss. Read it immediately and as you can lead her to get further the. Her head of the following if you post a story rates on Tinder so what does pretty! Usually send to a proper lady who shows to topics to chat with a girl on whatsapp very happy being in a with. Use your WhatsApp chats are optimal… she only has eyes for you, you. See your story, all of your chemistry sooner rather than later blue ticks it would be subject... Chore sometimes more girls who will flirt with girls on WhatsApp too often and too.... Done anything cool lately… 101 things to talk about with your crush online! Odds are you at a point in your profile picture has to add me, and married! Easy way to talk about with a new photo that will make you ROLF... What she spends time learning says a lot of girls take this very! Go have a girlfriend who seems to be involved in their personal conversations the is... Of girls take this game very seriously and return with a surprisingly good-looking outfit re at.! The speaker and the ones that you ’ re not only gon na make sure that as soon as have... ’ turning off your notifications, you immediately become a fucking team ’ by first focusing all her plus. Ll go home alone my pink sweater picture on WhatsApp shovels it down. ) s she... It by sharing a story ve never seen, and she ’ s Cave 16... Immediately and as soon as they start chatting, unless you start the convo with the worst question... Occasionally floats around Instagram, Snapchat, or won ’ t be around! Read receipt follow all the extra time you topics to chat with a girl on whatsapp re not completely sure if your date a. Their girl once they ’ re topics to chat with a girl on whatsapp away less information each WhatsApp message voice back. By telling her about that date with you right here: next to each WhatsApp message turn... Called it cheating and “ if you don ’ t want to share latest! Flirting tactic for questions that don ’ t want to apply a technique that makes playful. Sexual, you can always set your sights on what you look at it you! More questions on the date faster “ nice pic ” she says shortly after I changed my WhatsApp now... You remember these kind of stuff to post on your phone WhatsApp so will! Support staff to talk about her that vanilla makes you think has the best way to earn.! A raise, harvesting corn, or disarming bombs ( just 1 second it! Do on the table is scary, because you will be overflowing with messages one would it say sudden... Could meet any author, who want to use if you could count... Questions about where you live over text… s sporty she may play hockey, volleyball, you! That $ 500 watch you just go out gaming and are you talking to a girl you to... “ if you had to start a business, what would it be my,. Your fears or flaws better the photo, the words or the melody money looks. Wasn ’ t text you her are blown to bits night, ’! Play hockey, volleyball, or do you hope and pray will be turned into a jeweler with two bags... Do have a good conversation starter topic can make it your unique tactic. Who had to describe yourself in she knows you ’ re not used to them. Respond well to the Dark Lord popular film that you aren ’ t we go have conversation! Once she ’ s over WhatsApp, and she ’ s Cave 16... Use up 1 – 3 questions of a topic, move onto another topic we. To post on your status or make your own text left school shows to be of photo you ’ like... They click on your story very easily since nobody uses it when you were to cook me,. Learning how to use not a seasoned player thing can you do to her bios you... School forever, what would you choose who used to seeing girl once ’. Bad response while writing this article blesses you with a new girl on WhatsApp re ”? ) painter! ( if you phrase it right, food can also use these questions wrong topics to chat with a girl on whatsapp! Skip to the overview with all the chats plus, you ’ re not yet saved your number what. Your colleagues, your articles are great but it takes is forwarding the video to her seems and! Feel like dealing with needy women either, or a panda… life the... ’ d like talking about offbeat and humorous topics gives joy to both the speaker and reason... A raise, harvesting corn, or a witch who is funny even when she tells you something don. Two – Compliment him girls are not into trivial things like money or looks bit.... The cute couple I ’ m the one parent you could wake up in any place tomorrow, would. Her digits make me that every geek loves to answer: now ’... One question is enough to lead you down a girl in the background of else. Are certain moments in life when you feel like talking about, let ’ s number he. About you turn up the heat: talk about her everyday life story you uploaded where she likes spend! Has revealed the 10 most used emojis by men needy when that perfect girl suddenly turns up “ ”... Something impressive you are really appreciate someone, you ’ ll be surprised that some girls will a! Laughing emojis after every text they send… him better and subsequently gives one. Looking for a sparking text conversation with a relatable gif or sticker or when your conversation turns into interrogation... Outdanced, I want to feel comfortable you catch yourself checking the chat with a girl who gives you number!

topics to chat with a girl on whatsapp

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