Monitor clinical activities to comply with: Joint Commission standards and other applicable regulatory requirements including laboratory compliance. CONTACT ADDRESS. Professional Experience . Evaluated all supply inventories and restructured contracts to reverse previous financial decline and restore stability by implementing aggressive cost reductions without compromising patient care. “Looking for a position in Europe, Africa, or other parts of the World“ [38] Dear Mr. Frank, I’m a perfusionist with long experience and my plan is to go to work as a perfusionist in hospitals or other organisations which treat cardiosurgery patients in Europe, Africa, or some others part of world. Sample Certified Clinical Perfusionist CV Template . Coordinated problem resolution strategies to improve procedures, systems, and staffing. Works with hospital administration to create and implement budget for department. Certified Clinical Perfusionist CV. Responsible for taking emergency heart call one weekly and every fourth weekend. Biology, Chemistry, Physics And Organic Chemistry. Perfused and packaged organs in the operating room. Monitors equipment operations and maintenance requirements. Professional Experience . Job interview questions and sample answers list, tips, guide and advice. Served on a cohesive, five-member level one trauma center team handling 100-150 open-heart surgical adult cases per year, covering alternate shifts including 24/7 on call rotational duties. Developed an innovative Inventory Management/Ordering system using Excel software, resulting in up to $200,000 reductions in operating costs. California. The program is not affiliated with an academic institution. Those interested in a Perfusionist career should make display of a four-year degree with training in biology, anatomy, physiology, and chemistry. Served as a staff perfusionist on the cardiovascular healthcare team and in the general OR. I know I have to have a BSN,and a program is 2 years.But what are the the prequs for going into this field? I believe I possess the necessary skills and experience you are seeking and would make a valuable addition to your company.As my resume indicates, I possess more than [number of years] years of progressive experience in the [job field] field. Application of circulation technology including but not limited to: adult cardiopulmonary bypass; autologous blood recovery in open heart surgery, general surgery, and traumas; setup and operation of the intraaortic balloon pump; and application of PRP during ortho cases. Developed perfusion new hire employee check list and annual employee competencies. Perfusion Department Manager for clinical perfusion services in contract hospitals, Clinical trainer for IABP, Autotransfusion, LVAD, RVAD, ECMO, BiVAD, Fem-Fem CPB, Psicor was bought by Baxter Healthcare in 1996, Perform autotransfusion, platelet gel procedures. Get personalised consultation for 30 minutes for resume building. Operate the heart lung machine during open heart sugery, Medically manage pediatric patients during surgery, Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO). Worked with cardiac fellows involving research animal lab cardiac projects for Medical Company evaluations. Highly accomplished at … Coordinating the distribution, recovery and transportation of the team. Designed a clinical database using MS Access software, permitting perfusionists to enter data and resulting in cost savings and improved reporting capabilities. Frequent emergent circuit set ups for patient emergencies. \r, Attended all Maquet events, congresses, and meetings. Performed point of care and quality control testing, participated in cost containment and efficiency practice projects. C/o sos childrens village edthala north po aluva Kerala. After your recent job, list your other job positions in reverse chronological order. Helps you prepare job interviews and practice interview skills and techniques. Performed in advanced bypass cases involving, minimally invasive surgery, robotic cardiac surgery, antegrade cerebral perfusion, peritoneal chemoperfusion, heart/lung/liver transplants, selective pulmonary leukofiltration, deep hypothermic circulatory arrest for giant cerebral aneurysms, left heart bypass, ECMO (neonatal/pediatric/adult). Miot hospital, chennai. ","order_prefs":999,"section_title1":"CARDIAC PERFUSIONIST","section_title2":"Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia","section_title3":"Florida","section_title4":"","section_type":"EXPERIENCE","start_date":"Aug 2012","created_dt":{"numberLong":"1519723396937"}},{"end_date":"May 2012","is_active":1,"more_info1":", Participate in development and revision of policy and procedure, performance improvement, quality management, and staff education\r, Assist in the management of the inventory as it pertains to open heart and autotransfusion procedures\r, Manages the patient parameters within the accepted safe ranges of established clinical practice\r, Develops innovative solutions resulting in improved quality\/customer service\r, May provide occasional day coverage to other AHN facilities in Pittsburgh area\r, Monitors and maintains an adequate anticoagulation status of the patient during CPB according to established protocols\r, Physical abilities to complete job duties and responsibilities under prescribed environmental and working conditions. Recruited, hired, and led team of 25+ perfusionists and clinical technologists. Educated operating room staff of organ procurement process. Check our related resumes templates examples for perfusionist. Right template can present your skills, achievements and job profile in the best possible manner. A ​ chronological resume​ begins by writing your existing job positions, with the most recent position listed first. During any stage of time in your career, it’s always a great idea to renew the look and feel of your resume. Instrumental in department’s receiving hospital’s Financial Impact Award for reducing costs based on successful QA and inventory management systems. Create your resume and start applying for the jobs. HOBBIES. Listening to music. Cardiovascular Perfusionist. Job openings for cardiovascular perfusionists in the U.S. are predicted to climb. This makes it an Above Average Salary. {"_id":{"$oid":"5b7c71fd96d15d18d46503d8"},"Profile":{"firstName":"PRISCILLA ","lastName":"HOWELL","email":"","phone":"555-322-7337","jobTitle":"PERFUSIONIST","type":"011","birthDay":"26-Oct-1981","gender":"Female","maritalStatus":"Married","nationality":"American","picture":"\/photos\/original\/missing.png","summary":"Certified Clinical Perfusionist with 9 years of extensive and diverse experience. Complete operation of heart-lung machine and ancillary equipment during cardiothoracic cases including coronary artery bypass grafting, heart valve repair/replacements, heart transplants and aortic aneurysm repairs. Created surgical custom pack to reduce cost of individual supplies. Wellington St., Leeds, UK. Phone: 0113-445-3354. Skilled in all areas of Perfusion Techniques & Services, Coordinated adult perfusion services including staffing, purchasing, and quality implementation for three hospitals in University system. » Related Examples Perfusionist Sets up and operates heart-lung machine in hospital to take over functions of patients heart lungs during surgery or respiratory failure. Glucose control\/ Insulin administration and cardioplegia change\r","order_prefs":999,"section_title1":"COURSE NAME","section_title2":"Institute Name","section_title3":"8.0 CGPA","section_title4":"","section_type":"ACHIEVEMENT","start_date":"","created_dt":1503778733}],"Certifications":[{"end_date":"","is_active":1,"more_info1":"","order_prefs":999,"section_title1":"Certified Clinical Perfusionist","section_title2":" South Arkansas Perfusion Corp. ","section_title3":"AZ","section_title4":"","section_type":"CERTIFICATIONS","start_date":"2011","created_dt":{"numberLong":"1519724085886"}},{"end_date":"","is_active":1,"more_info1":"","order_prefs":999,"section_title1":"XVivo Certified Master Instructor","section_title2":"","section_title3":"","section_title4":"","section_type":"CERTIFICATIONS","start_date":"2009","created_dt":{"numberLong":"1519724119496"}},{"end_date":"","is_active":1,"more_info1":"","order_prefs":999,"section_title1":"Cardio Help Certified","section_title2":"","section_title3":"","section_title4":"","section_type":"CERTIFICATIONS","start_date":"2013","created_dt":{"numberLong":"1519724136924"}}],"Volunteering":[],"Recommendations":[],"Worklinks":[{"websiteURL":"","is_active":1},{"portfolioURL":"","is_active":1},{"blogURL":"","is_active":1},{"slideshareURL":"","is_active":1}],"customSections":[],"Coverletter":{"recruiterSal":"Ms. ","recruiterName":"ABC","companyName":"XYZ Inc.","address":"1 square street, New York, USA","description":"I read with interest your posting for [name of position] on the [name of the job board]. Let employers find you in our database. Certified Clinical Perfusionist CV and resume for job seekers in editable MS Word and Pdf form. Performed pediatric and adult procedures, including open heart, transplants, isolated limb perfusions, and a variety of orthopedic and vascular surgeries. Performed perfusion and ECMO duties including OR, Ordering, Scheduling, Blood Salvage, Blood Gas Analysis, TEG Analysis, Transports, Cath Lab coverage, taking Call and XVivo Master Instructor Services, 10 tips to write professional cover letter, Click here read about other resume formats, View more tips to make a professional cover letter, Strictly Avoid Using Unnecessarily Big Words, Make Strategic Use of Bold, Caps, And Italics, Customize Your Resume As per The Job you are applying for, In charge of the clinical support for the Cardiopulmonary product line for Maquet \r, Training customers in Extracorporeal Life Support system, presentation of oxygenators, the heart-lung machine, heater-cooler unit etc. Wellington St., Leeds, USA. Performed all aspects of autotransfusion in the intra-operative and postoperative setting. Responsible for all perfusion case management and collaborative assessments to help with improving patient outcomes. Objective. Work with five surgeons at three hospitals. Because of the small size of this field, most positions are competitive. I was responsible for data collection and entry, billing, inventory management and scheduling. Perform initialization and management of cardiopulmonary bypass. Adding a bit of artistic content can serve both the readability and the impressiveness of a resume and CV Owl’s Job Winning Resume Format makes it easy to make the most of a blank page. I performed all necessary maintenance procedures on our equipment, as well as laboratory assays on patient specimens, quality control materials and regulatory agency proficiency specimens. Monitoring and analysis of anticoagulation, blood gases and patient physiology, Initiation and around-the-clock perfusion staffed adult ECMO, Main clinical site for Milwaukee School of Engineering Perfusion Technology Program. Instructed and oriented incoming anesthesia residents. Sample Certified Clinical Perfusionist CV Template. Sample; Order Now; Login; Faqs; Contact; Email : Phone : 1-360-339-5865. Phone: 0113-445-3354 [email protected] Objective. Phone number: 989800. Performed cardiopulmonary perfusion duties during prosthetic heart valve implantation surgeries. Broad experience base with robust record of making key contributions that increased value, reduced costs, and minimized risk. 7 perfusionist interview questions. Scheduled staff. All rights reserved. Make sure to make education a priority on your perfusionist resume. Significant clinical experience with animal labs, aortic aneurysms and dissections, CABGs, cell salvage, centrifugal pumps, circulatory arrest/RCP/SACP, congenital heart defects, ECMO, heart and lung transplants, isolated limb perfusion, Jehovah’s Witness, minimally invasive valves, point of care testing, pulmonary embolectomy, robotic CABG with endoclamp, robotic mitral valve repair, TAAA, ventricular assist devices, and VAVD, Shares the responsibility of providing the pediatric perfusion service among four perfusionists, Works with fifteen cardiac surgeons, competently operating seven different CPB setups, Going on procurements and recovering organs, Cleaning kidneys and putting them on pump. Per-diem Perfusionist Swedish Medical Center - Seattle, Washington 03/1994 to 08/2014 Clinical Perfusionist, President and Founder Evergreen Perfusion, Inc - Tacoma , WA Richa Lewis. ","order_prefs":999,"section_title1":"CLINICAL PERFUSIONIST","section_title2":"Jackson Memorial Hospital ","section_title3":"Florida","section_title4":"","section_type":"EXPERIENCE","start_date":"Apr 2016","created_dt":{"numberLong":"1506862316972"}},{"end_date":"Jan 2016","is_active":1,"more_info1":", Performs necessary checks and tests to ensure the working order and integrity of the circuit\r, Attends internal and external educational meeting\r, Participates in periodic maintenance, cleaning, and calibration of equipment\r, Processes remaining blood in CPB circuit post bypass\r, Performs perioperative autologous blood collection and administration (PABCA) utilizing the autoLog cell washer (Medtronic Inc.)\r, Assembles and operates Intra aortic balloon pump (IABP)\r, Periodically withdraws blood from the CPB circuit for blood gas, chemistry, anticoagulation analysis and special studies. CABG/Valves/congenital surgeries, Aortic dissections with DHCA, ECMO, R and L VAD'S, incl: Heartmate, Thoratec, Abiomed, Point of Care testing with Hepcon, iStat, Hemochron, Centrifugal pumps, Quest cardioplegia, Vacuum assisted drainage, IABP, Member of Blood Utilization Committee and Autotransfusion Subcommittee, Train and certify technicians to operate Cell Savage and monitor QC's. Position: Clinical CV Perfusionist Location: Cardiovascular Perfusion Specialists, LLC--Ochsner Baton Rouge, LA Description: Cardiovascular Perfusion Specialists, LLC, a Metairie, LA contract perfusion company, is looking for a CV Perfusionist Salary offered: $54,912.00 per year. Consulted patients to enroll in Dr. Puskas' pioneering "SMART" Study which was analyzing the pros and cons of utilizing the heart-lung machine. Application Profile/Resume Builder View/Change account information like email, address, password. Directs perfusion operations in absence of Manager. Initiated cost improvements that led to significant cost savings year over year. Career Objective: I want to utilize my specialized skills and knowledge as a perfusionist by getting associated with a repute medical institute. Perfusionists provide support to patients when their circulatory and respiratory functions are temporarily replaced. Nonclinical involvement included but not limited to: database management, QC and cleaning of equipment, and ordering of supplies. The caseload included bypass grafts, valve replacements and reconstruction, and Heart-port minimally invasive procedures. If you’ve been working for a few years and have a few solid positions to show, put your education after your perfusionist experience. Worked with Cath Lab staff and stood by for PTCAs and emergency procedures, On call 5 days a week 24 hours per day and every other weekend, Placed IABPs, ICADs in patients during surgery, ICU and the ED, Assisted on hip replacements, knee replacement, spinal fusions, thoracotomy, Triple A's and trauma autologous blood transfusions, Full fiscal responsibility for department including inventory and capital equipment budget, Created policies and procedures for department, Chairperson for Cardiac Transfusion Committee, Cover call for Trauma and Cardiac emergencies, Perform autotransfusion, platelet gel procedures, ultrafiltration, Initiate and maintain ECMO for Trauma, Cardiovascular, Critically ill patients, Assist with IABP insertion, monitoring, and troubleshooting, Effectively facilitate adult cardiopulmonary bypass through operation of Terumo/Medtronic heart/lung machine, Management of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation utilizing Maquet Cardiohelp, Experience with ventricular assist devices including CardiacAssist TandemHeart and Abiomed Impella, Precise and thorough blood gas analysis via application of Abbott Point of Care iStat System, Operation and management of Maquet intra aortic balloon pump, Critical evaluation of new technology presented by sales representatives to assess cost-benefit and overall value to employer, STS data abstraction for adult cardiothoracic surgery, Rounded daily with cardiac surgeons on patients, Follow-up of patients with surgeon in office, Nurse in ICU caring for critically ill patients/open heart patients, ECMO, VADS, Balloon Pumps, Transplants, Aortic Surgeries, Displays very in-depth understanding of different types of procedures and perfusion techniques, Works well with anesthesia and nursing staffs for the better of the patient. Leverage your professional network, and get hired. This is widely dependent on experience and qualifications. Blog. Consistently met JCAHO standards; work continuously to comply with regulations. Performed extensive West Coast travel on short notice for multiple donor cases, Maintained and monitored personnel for aseptic technique during recovery, Created and maintained spreadsheets for peri-operative inventory, Cardiac Assist Devices (Heartmate & Thoratec), Skilled in all areas of Ancillary Perfusion Techniques (Liver Transplant & ECMO), Actively participated in the School of Perfusion Science as a Clinical Instructor, Operated heart lung machine in cardiac surgery and isolated limb perfusion, Operated ancillary support equipment for cardiac surgical patients, Analyzed blood gas, electrolyte, and anti coagulant status for surgical patients, Worked on team to develop quality parameters for perfusion services. Based on our collection of resume samples for Perfusionist, essential job assets include clinical skills, knowledge of extracorporeal circulation, strong observational skills, medical teamwork, decision-making, and accuracy. Demonstrated expertise in heart lung machines, cardiac assist devices, cell savers, and dialysis/renal replacement machines with ~600 open-heart procedures performed each year. \r, Maintained written records specifically for the Continuous Autotransfusion System (CATS) and the Cell \r, Saver 5 procedures and Angel platelet gelling. Served as a liaison between the surgeons, cardiac nurses, technicians, anesthesiologist, and management staff. Resolved Conflicts while maintaining positive internal/external relationships. Included responsibilities as cardiopulmonary perfusionist, anesthetist, post operative patient care/monitoring and instrumention implementation, including other diverse research support responsiblities. what really matters is the way all this information is presented in your resume. Served as an expert VAD instructor for visiting hospital employees. Find out what is the best resume for you in our Ultimate Resume Format Guide. Strong clinical and people skills, with a dependable and self-motivating work ethic. James Garrity, BSN, RN. Assisted in developing department budget. Served on HCSG Perfusion Advisory Board, as Quality Preceptor for Joint Commission readiness and compliance, and as Chief Perfusionist at Bronson Hospital. Assist the head nurse in patient care programs for heart surgery patients, before and after t Sets up and operates heart-lung machine in hospital to take over functions of patient's heart and lungs during surgery. Performed quality management and perfusion functions for this level-one trauma center and teaching hospital. Clinical instructor for Drexel University and Cooper Cardiovascular Technology Perfusion Programs. Justin C. Keller. Specialties Pulmonary. Get it reviewed by experts & make it error free. Copyright © 2020 All rights reserved to CV Owl. Responsible for administrative oversight of the Open Heart Surgery Cost Center, with responsibilities including annual budget, capital expenditures, payroll, staff recruitment, retention, and performance appraisals for staff perfusionists. Searching for free perfusionist resumes samples? This resume format is typically preferred by Employers because it's easy to check your past jobs and work experience and when you have worked at them. Based on our collection of resume samples for Perfusionist, essential job assets include clinical skills, knowledge of extracorporeal circulation, strong observational skills, medical teamwork, decision-making, and accuracy. © 2020 Job Hero Limited. Performed Tissue and Organ Recovery and preservation. Collection and reporting of quality indicator data. Home Assignments Cardiovascular Perfusionist. Control Panel pages enable you to manage your employment information including your employment profile, resume, application history and email alert settings. My clinical duties included hospital wide intra-aortic balloon pump insertions and ventricular assist device implantations. My professional history includes position such as [job title] at [company name] as well as [job title] at [company name]. Managed the supply inventory for organ preservation supplies. Served as Clinical Instructor for Ohio State University students. ","order_prefs":999,"section_title1":"PERFUSIONIST","section_title2":"Comprehensive Care Hospital","section_title3":"Florida","section_title4":"","section_type":"EXPERIENCE","start_date":"Mar 2011","created_dt":{"numberLong":"1519723534601"}}],"Education":[{"end_date":"2011","is_active":1,"more_info1":"","order_prefs":999,"section_title1":"Barry University","section_title2":"7.6 CGPA","section_title3":"Florida","section_title4":"Cardiovascular Perfusion","section_type":"EDUCATION","start_date":"2008","created_dt":{"numberLong":"1506862395233"}}],"Skills":[{"end_date":"","is_active":1,"more_info1":"","order_prefs":999,"section_title1":"Autologous Blood Collection Systems","section_title2":"Intermediate","section_title3":"","section_title4":"","section_type":"SKILLS","start_date":"","created_dt":{"numberLong":"1504035305365"}},{"end_date":"","is_active":1,"more_info1":"","order_prefs":999,"section_title1":"Cath Lab coverage","section_title2":"Intermediate","section_title3":"","section_title4":"","section_type":"SKILLS","start_date":"","created_dt":{"numberLong":"1504035316110"}},{"end_date":"","is_active":1,"more_info1":"","order_prefs":999,"section_title1":"Vacation and Maternity Coverage","section_title2":"Advanced","section_title3":"","section_title4":"","section_type":"SKILLS","start_date":"","created_dt":{"numberLong":"1504035325785"}},{"end_date":"","is_active":1,"more_info1":"","order_prefs":999,"section_title1":"Operation and monitoring of adult, pediatric","section_title2":"Beginner","section_title3":"","section_title4":"","section_type":"SKILLS","start_date":"","created_dt":{"numberLong":"1519723863028"}},{"end_date":"","is_active":1,"more_info1":"","order_prefs":999,"section_title1":"Adult CABG, Valves, MIDCAB, OPCAB, LVAD","section_title2":"Intermediate","section_title3":"","section_title4":"","section_type":"SKILLS","start_date":"","created_dt":{"numberLong":"1519723905233"}},{"end_date":"","is_active":1,"more_info1":"","order_prefs":999,"section_title1":"Heart\/Lung, and Liver Transplants","section_title2":"Advanced","section_title3":"","section_title4":"","section_type":"SKILLS","start_date":"","created_dt":{"numberLong":"1519723932376"}},{"end_date":"","is_active":1,"more_info1":"","order_prefs":999,"section_title1":"Active Listening","section_title2":"Advanced","section_title3":"","section_title4":"","section_type":"SKILLS","start_date":"","created_dt":{"numberLong":"1519723937317"}}],"Projects":[],"Languages":[{"end_date":"","is_active":1,"more_info1":"","order_prefs":999,"section_title1":"English","section_title2":"Intermediate","section_title3":"","section_title4":"","section_type":"LANGUAGES","start_date":"","created_dt":{"numberLong":"1505826784846"}},{"end_date":"","is_active":1,"more_info1":"","order_prefs":999,"section_title1":"German","section_title2":"Advanced","section_title3":"","section_title4":"","section_type":"LANGUAGES","start_date":"","created_dt":{"numberLong":"1505826794941"}},{"end_date":"","is_active":1,"more_info1":"","order_prefs":999,"section_title1":"Spanish","section_title2":"Expert","section_title3":"","section_title4":"","section_type":"LANGUAGES","start_date":"","created_dt":{"numberLong":"1519724152906"}}],"Hobbies":[{"end_date":"","is_active":1,"more_info1":"","order_prefs":999,"section_title1":"Reading","section_title2":"","section_title3":"","section_title4":"","section_type":"HOBBIES","start_date":"","created_dt":{"numberLong":"1519724165301"}},{"end_date":"","is_active":1,"more_info1":"","order_prefs":999,"section_title1":"Vehicle Restoration","section_title2":"","section_title3":"","section_title4":"","section_type":"HOBBIES","start_date":"","created_dt":{"numberLong":"1519724170078"}},{"end_date":"","is_active":1,"more_info1":"","order_prefs":999,"section_title1":"Swimming","section_title2":"","section_title3":"","section_title4":"","section_type":"HOBBIES","start_date":"","created_dt":{"numberLong":"1519724173347"}}],"Achievement":[{"end_date":"Present","is_active":true,"more_info1":", Yearly staff training in Abiomed, IABP, ECMO circuit, and oxygenater change out to ensure proficiency in set-up and trouble-shooting skills\r, Blood management\/institution of mini circuit and RAP procedures\r. The nature of the research involved the implantation of prosthetic heart valves, testing of left ventricular assist devices, along with the support of other biomedical device testing. Connect directly with Resume Writing Expert over mail. Responsible for formulation of Monthly Call Schedule for Perfusion department. Responsible for supporting inventory management of disposable products and pharmaceuticals. Ventricular Assist Device ABIOMED and Impella. Reading academic books. Secured Joint Commission accreditation and finding-free inspections for each and every Michigan account as Quality Preceptor ensuring compliance with credentialing and regulatory requirements. Vincent Moore from Eden Prairie was looking for perfusionist resume Devontae Armstrong found the answer to a search query perfusionist resume Find a professional expert who will write my essay by the deadline following all necessary requirements and instructions. Managing and training staff regarding kidney pump laboratory. How do Perfusionist salaries stack up to other jobs across the country? A highly recognized individual seeking a job opportunity where he can use his skills of performing quality management and perfusion functions for ABC level-one trauma center and teaching hospital. Clear your path towards interview. Case types one would encounter in this position: CABGs, valves, and occasional type. Their duties include operating heart-lung machines, managing the patient’s demands while the surgeon operates on the heart, delivering drugs that stop the heart, monitoring patient parameters, and operating other complex equipment. Business Management And Economics, Healthcare Management. Responded to a variety of emergency and surgical situations. Fluent in English & Malayalam., speak Tamil, Hindi.,English. Most often this includes using a heart-lung machine, a device that temporarily takes over the functions of the patient’s heart and lungs, especially com… Learn about interview questions and interview process for 26 companies. Managed the organ preservation training program. Hello,I dont know if im at the right forum for this,bu I have a qustion about becoming a nurse profusionist. Perform pediatric and adult procedures, including open heart, transplants, isolated limb perfusion, and a variety of orthopedic and vascular surgeries. you can download the Certified Clinical Perfusionist CV and edit it with your name, Qualification , experience and send it with cover letter This free perfusionist job resume sample will help you to learn how to create, write and format a simple cv template for being able to build yours. Conduct open and endovascular saphenous vein harvesting in support of bypass surgery. Best Perfusionist Resume Examples and writing tips. Don't let your career suffer just because of a resume. View our simple resume example for perfusionist. Interested in clinical teaching. Sample Perfusionist CV. Justin C. Keller. Tutored individual students for American Board Certification Exam. Responsible for all perfusion related services for approximately 650 Open Heart patients per year. Coordinated efforts to bring in new technology including minimally invasive valve procedures, TMR, Worked closely with cardiac surgery team to track quality indicators and implement quality. Start editing this Perfusionist Resume Sample with our Online Resume Builder. On the lower end, they can make $32,030 or $15 per hour, perhaps when just starting out or based on the state you live in. Cell salvage was performed each cardiac case and I was responsible for on-call emergency cell salvage for any procedure for which cell salvage was necessary. Following is the example of Certified Clinical Perfusionist CV Template. Email Id: The best examples from thousands of real-world resumes, Handpicked by resume experts based on rigorous standards, Tailored for various backgrounds and experience levels. Clinical resource for Cardiovascular OR Team. For example, if you have a Ph.D in Neuroscience and a Master's in the same sphere, just list your Ph.D. Monitored and presented quality indicators to hospital administrators, surgeons, and medical directors.

perfusionist cv sample

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