How do you install carpet on stairs and how long does it take? Installing carpet without tack strips can be the easiest way if you know the right direction of how to install carpet on stairs without tack strips. How is you installation holding up? In this video, he also talks about the waterfall and tucked Hollywood carpet stairs installation methods in detail. That also takes time. Waterfall means bringing the carpet over the edge of the tread so that it goes straight down the riser to meet the next tread. Since neither of us had ever done it before, we would have been YouTubing it as well as asking others for advice. I’m sharing with you a few considerations on what to think about when carpeting your staircase through my own experience. How is it holding up? The Waterfall method of installing carpets on staircases suits less visited areas. At first glance, it seemed boring. Why would anyone choose high pile carpet for their staircase! For a capped stairs tack strip will need installation on both sides of each stair, and the proper stretching for both directions can be finished. You may also want to … After cutting a strip of the carpet the width of the stairs… Then I saw this design. Here’s the view going down! In terms of stair covering, wool provides the most resiliency, which means it will stand up to traffic the longest without showing wear paths. Yes, his name is Hippie and he is awesome and did an amazing job! It looked GORGEOUS. Without fastening it to the riser, it creates a straight waterfall effect. Berber is known for its low, densely woven fibers which have the benefit of repelling dirt and debris much more efficiently than shag carpet. I mean, its definitely an amazing trait to have. When we were house shopping three years ago, it seemed like every model house I went to had these floral vine designs. Check out our stair carpet buyers guide for more information! Without molding it to the riser, it creates a waterfall effect. Required fields are marked *. At this point, I’m okay with apple juice spilling on this shag rug without freaking out. This is in contrast to the more modern "waterfall" technique of simply cutting a length of carpet that will cover all the stairs … I’m not saying to NOT to try DIYing, but I’m telling you – there’s nothing worse than spending the money to do it and realizing it may have been easier to just get it professionally done (ahem my drapes incident). If you are looking for a renovation project that will provide the biggest visual update to your home, consider an update to your staircase! *Both locations are currently appointment only*, Greater Boston Showroom In bright light I like the butter nut. The “Waterfall” method involves bringing the carpet over the edge of the tread and straight down the riser to meet the next tread. For a waterfall installation, pull the end of the rug over the next tread and staple as above. Whats people lookup in this blog: Hi- great post. Even when I picked my carpet, I wasn’t 100% sure of the design choice. Did I ask the carpet sales owner if that carpet would "work" on a stair case for a runner down the middle? FYI, on pinterest and all the sites, no one specifies which color the use in their “after” photos of this carpet. Did you know there were two types of stair runners: there is a hollywood stair runner and waterfall stair runner. Place the... Waterfall method. There are two ways to install stairway carpet on staircase: waterfall and tucked (which is also known as Hollywood style). The carpet guy gave me both options. In waterfall installation, carpet is laid in a single strip, anchored to stairs with tackless strips, staples and sometimes decorative rods. People, go low pile. The cap and band carpeting method is a professional technique to install a stair carpet in sections. Staple the top edge of carpet to the floor when beginning "waterfall," or single-piece installation. Does the edge of your carpet have binding or did you tuck/wrap it and tack it down? The installer is tacking down the carpet directly to the staircase. - YouTube Waterfall installation is the more popular of the two methods due to ease and speed. And the color option of a cream wasn’t there. This method is more appropriate for thicker carpets that are more difficult to wrap around the edge of the tread. Yuck! And I think this trellis design has been a trend in the last 5 years, so I assumed that the lifecycle for this is coming to an end (I might be wrong). Stoughton, MA 02072 Waterfall Installation. Your email address will not be published. Waterfall Stair Runners. You must be in the Kansas City MO area! My goal in choosing a design for my Hollywood carpet stairs was to ensure that I picked one that was timeless. Thanks for the info. Let’s provide a brief overview of both. Learn How to Properly Install Carpet on Stairs Hollywood Method. Specifically with this style,  the carpet is wrapped around the edge of the tread, contouring the nosing to meet the riser. This method is best for thicker carpets that are more difficult to wrap around the edge of the tread (like my shag carpet). In our experience, the cost of the rug amounted to a similar amount for the labor. Installing carpet on stairs french cap you how to install red house west a runner the right way complete guide update march2020 projects news david morris inc new 2017 1 of 4 mpg choose and lay stair an overview caroline design. We are Appointment Only – To Make An Appointment: Email: | Phone: 888.388.9248. Yes. Check out my other videos on home projects on my YouTube channel to subscribe and get the latest at In addition, sometimes DIY’ing without experience may have a domino effect and require additional repairs, which may negate what the reason you DIY’d to begin with. I had a good feeling about this, but not a strong one. So you know me, I make everything harder – I wanted to be a little different. It is the most common installation method because of the clean look. There are so many factors to consider when deciding whether to DIY or hire a professional. Just as the name 'waterfall' suggests, this installation method cascades the carpet down each step, creating a waterfall effect. He is my cousins husband. Friday: 10am-5pm, South Shore Carpet Workroom As you can see, the carpet is wrapped around the edge of the tread, contouring the nosing to meet the riser. I’m going to go through a few other patterns that caught my eye and what I thought about during my selection. In terms of pile, the most important thing to consider is the pile height. This is a second version of the pattern without the outline. Needham, MA 02494 Since stairs are typically high traffic areas, durable carpet like Berber is a must. This means that, in order to work with the size of a roll of carpet, not all of the stairs are installed in one piece. It is the most common installation method because of the clean look. It looks way better in person y’all! Did the owner of the carpet store see the job and measure? I wasn’t as thrilled about this one, as there was no contrast. Plush carpets will show wear a lot quicker and more dramatic than tight pile carpets. Carpet layers have put carpet on our stairs using the waterfall method. See the transition at the top of the staircase? Carpet On Stairs – There is basically two methods of installing carpets on the stairs.One is the waterfall method in which one part of the carpet covers every riser and tread. Tack strips on the carpet damage the stair and carpet as well. Continue this installation over the successive treads until you reach the end of the runner. I was thrilled at my pattern selection after I saw it in person. In this case the cap is a piece of carpet installed over the treads and the band is the piece that will cover the risers. Your post was extreamly helpful, thank you! 1. The pattern looked originally darker in the store, but was much lighter in person – which was what I wanted. Hi, But I would rather not have a tack strip sitting there indefinitely with three kids running around. The time you will spend in a home coupled with your lifestyle and resale are all important factors when considering your design pattern. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The other is the installation … One is the waterfall method where one piece of carpet covers each riser and tread. Sengerson Home | Home Decor and DIY Projects to Beautify Your Home. Hollywood Stair Runner vs Waterfall Stair Runner, Stair Runners: Everything You Need to Know, Merida Flat Woven Wool Stair Runner By The Carpet Workroom, What is sisal? As you guys know, I’m drawn to creams and whites. We were given the option of Surging vs Binding and also multi color vs solid color. Monday – Thursday: 10 AM – 6 PM This has helped me a lot! Cut one tacking strip to the appropriate size for each … However, I wasn’t thrilled about the geometric shapes because it didn’t go with the style of my home, which is traditional/quasi-farmhouse style. There are basically two methods of installing carpet on stairs. However, I was so torn. Follow my Pinterest Staircase and Stairway board for inspiration. When you're ready to install carpet on stairs, you have a choice between two installation styles: waterfall and hollywood. It requires a bit more effort than doing a waterfall, but also provides a more tailored look. Here’s a video that I captured with my professional installer Hippie (from Hippie’s Magic Carpet). Learn how your comment data is processed. How to Install Carpet Over Hardwood Flooring. I know my costs would be different, but for budgeting purposes, can you tell me your cost for the carpet and also your cost for the installation? I love your choice! Tackless strips are wooden strips with small carpet tacks … Then I saw the floral patterns. It gets its name from back when movie sets would tack down the carpet on the staircase on set. We just purchased this carpet in Chateau color. There are two ways to install stairway carpet on staircase: waterfall and tucked (which is also known as Hollywood style). It is a more simple and common installation method than the tucked style. I’m in Ohio. Affix the Tackless Strips to Carpet Stairs. Before getting started, be sure to learn the terms for the different parts of your staircase. There are two methods of installing carpet on the stair: waterfall or French cap. Without molding it to the riser, it creates a waterfall effect. Step 2: Apply Tackless Strips. However, we’re waiting until the kids are a bit older. Thanks so much Carol! The “Waterfall” method involves bringing the carpet over the edge of the tread and straight down the riser to meet the next tread. This herringbone pattern definitely brightened up the staircase! I LOVE the carpet! I got it in “Plaza Taupe“. Sometimes, those little patterns at the carpet store don’t do the carpet justice. Yes. In short, as you consider the design for your staircase, think about how long that pattern will last in terms of dating your home! Isn’t it pretty? Your email address will not be published. Here are the differences between the two. Whether you plan to pick up a runner that is ready to go, or craft something totally custom, you’ll first … Even as a non-expert, I knew that! Thanks! No, not a dime. French Cap carpet is a method of laying a carpet on stairs that involves cutting the carpet for each step individually and folding the carpet over the end of the stair to create a ridge or ledge. Typically, we are ones to try to DIY these projects. I like to call this shag carpet, but its also known as high pile carpet. The carpet or runner gets stapled under the nose of the stair. Nylons fall just behind wools and are preferred by some because they don’t shed. Then, there is the “Ryan takes forever because everything has to be precise”. Unit #4 I found this info because I have the samples from the same carpet and am having trouble picking the color- I am between butternut and desert tan. The carpet or runner gets stapled under the nose of the stair. Measure the width of the treads and the risers. And another closeup of a non-waterfall staircase/stairway carpet tuck. My goal for our makeover was to provide a contrast for the stairs from the rest of our home’s carpeting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In order to install carpet on stairs, you will need tack strips, staples or upholstery nails, measuring tape, knee kicker, a carpet stretcher, a utility knife and a hammer. Monday – Friday : 9 AM- 3 PM. • The Hollywood method tightly wraps the carpet … You all know that my hubs is pretty handy when it comes to home projects, but time and patience was definitely a factor for me. Several times. The premier floor-covering material is wool for a number of reasons. It is still beautiful I couldn’t be happier! But staircases are a big deal, and we wanted to make sure we would get it done right. The instructions will be much easier to follow if you sp… We just did a face-lift to our lackluster staircase with a pattern design to draw attention to the space that was typically overlooked. Looks wonderful. Which one did you choose? So you’ll have to be a judge on whether that savings is a benefit to you! Installing an elegant carpet runner on stairs is a simple project well within the skill set of even beginning DIYers. If they are waterfall stairs that are no capped over the lip of the stairs, then there is nothing to install or staple to the riser (vertical component in between each trend) part of the stair. I didn’t want to pick a trendy pattern that would be out of style in a couple of years. 471 Page St There are two ways of installing carpet on stairs: the Hollywood method and the waterfall method. Is it very stain resistant? There are two main ways of installing carpets on stairs: the waterfall technique and the cap-and-band or wrapped nose method. It was the Tuftex “Only Natural” line. The waterfall method involves simply bending the carpet over the edge of the stair and bringing it straight down to meet the tread of the next step. This is what I hated about the shag carpet on my Hollywood carpet stairs. I’ve seen it at other people’s houses in person and was obsessed. Comparing Standing Desks vs Electric Desks - Pros and Cons, The Ultimate Guide for a Working Mom Home Office Accessories, 19+ Gifts for People Who Work from Home - 2020 Holiday Guide, 101+ Gift Ideas for the Hunter in Your Life, How to Use Cricut Infusible Ink to Make Toddler Shirts, Ultimate Guide on Cricut Joy Essentials - Accessories and Starter Kits, 5 Tips for Beautiful Maternity Pictures in Kansas City, Shawnee Mission Park Early Morning Family Session - Calvin Turns One, Framework for Small Businesses & Bloggers. Thanks. I got the desert tan. Staple the rug to the bottom of the riser in the center of the rug and then at every three inches on either side. Most importantly, there is no matting with Berber! It is always extremely helpful to provide us a picture so we can help you determine the best course of action. So funny to read your post, because I know hippie! 39 Highland Circle The term “Hollywood” style refers to a specific installation method. The tan seems to change in different light- the clear winner in low light. We are planning on replacing the shag in our whole house. Once we got the carpet in so I could take a look at it in person, I was in love! We chose the tucked Hollywood carpet stairs style for a cleaner look. Then, I saw this pattern and was in love with the color on the right. Why worry? Below was the design I was in love with. This may cause additional frustration, extra cost and delay. Cost was also a factor, but time is money, as they say. Hi! Waterfall means bringing the carpet over the edge of the tread so that it goes straight down the riser to meet the next tread. If you had to renovate your staircase, what type of pattern would you choose – the bullnose design or the Hollywood carpet stairs? This video will show YOU how to install carpet on your stairs for less than 1/10th of the cost to have it done professionally. Firstly, I wanted to show you the before images of our own staircase makeover. Once you have selected your carpet and measured and prepped your stairs, you are ready to begin installing your new carpet. However, I have this Moroccan trellis pattern in my powder room wall and in baby boy’s nursery rug. Here’s the before picture that we had of a waterfall installation with our shag carpet: The other way to install carpet on staircases is the tuckedHollywood carpet stairs style, also known as Hollywood. How to Install Carpet on Stairs - how hard is it? How to Install Carpet on Stairs Without Tack Strips. Thanks! Herringbone is just a fun pattern. I wanted a creamy/beige tone to the staircase. The waterfalling of the stairs has left a hole between each of the riser plates and the carpet. REAL LIFE Home Example for Stairway Design and Renovation Idea with Hollywood Carpet Stairs. Advantages and Disadvantages of Sisal Rugs and Carpets, Herringbone Carpet and Stair Runner: It’s What’s In Right Now, Carpet Remnants & Rug News and Information. Without fastening … Choose the best alternative way of carpeting stairs. Thank you. This method comes with staircases that are within visible areas in the home or office. In the end, I chose this pattern because of the “timeless” factor even though I was in love with the trellis one. The other is the cap and band installation. Elegant stays not only add a touch of class but they also keep the carpet runner in place. Installing carpet on stairs can be tricky and time-consuming, but it can be accomplishedeven by noviceswith some understanding and patience. Do you remember if Hippie had a thin or thick padding installed with this carpet choice? Have I paid for the carpet and the installation. Olefins and polyesters are at the bottom of the list because they look and feel the most plasticy. Cost to install a stair runner 2019 cost for carpet installation 74331 42 stairs stair how to install carpet on stairs new 2017 you how to install carpet on stairs hard is it you. This is the same carpet that is throughout the house. Carefully place tackless strips on the riser and back of each tread as … Unlike the waterfall method that uses a single piece of carpet, the cap and band uses individual pieces for each step combining the horizontal tread or cap with the vertical riser or band. Husband and I are debating whether we want the more pronounced stripes that the desert tan has over the butternut. Waterfall is considered to be the faster method of installing carpet on stairs and uses only one strip of carpeting. Holding up well over the stair nosings (no bald spots where the carpet is curved over the stairs?). Similar question to Blair…can you comment on the edging? The carpet on stairs must run in the same direction on every stair, and the direction of the pile must go with the flow of traffic -- from top to bottom, not from side to side. Here are the after pictures. Do you have any tips and tricks for stairway design and renovation ideas? You need to remember, every home is different and so are the layouts of each stair case. It is an easy and fast way to install the carpet, and for this reason, many new home builders use this method. We have told them that they cannot waterfall the carpet and they have said that they do it all the time. one side of the stairs is against drywall but the other side has spindles and is open.

how to install waterfall carpet on stairs

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